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The Best Suction Cup Dildos for Hands Free Pleasure

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

Explore your fantasies with a Realistic Dildo

Get in the mood and have the best joyride with a floor or wall mounted Sex Toy! Discover the pleasures that a suction cup dildo can bring you. Enjoy hands free fun with your dildo that can be easily stuck on any smooth surface by using the suction cup base then ride away.

A suction cup Dildos best use is for the ultimate hands free pleasure it can bring you. These flexible and versatile realistic suction cup dildos comes in varied sizes, shapes and colours, offering you endless possibilities of fantasy and pleasure. Stick them in any room of your house on the walls, in the shower, bathtub, chairs, pieces of furniture or to the floor, while you keep your hands completely free to let you ride, pound and thrust it slowly to orgasm. Once you find out the kinks with the ability to ride the Dildo wherever you desire, you will surely be going to have pleasure every time. Manipulate or ride the dildo in just the right way to hit the male prostate anally or the female G-spot. Most of these dildos look super realistic just like a hard penis with balls adding to the pleasure.

The best ways to maximize your pleasure with a dildo

First things first you need to find the best suction cup dildo that will suite your fantasies. There are plenty of Dildos to pick from our online store as we have quite a selection on offer. Select from life like Realistic Penis Dildos, Slim Anal Dildos, Curved Dildo or Double Penetration Dildo.

Making the Best Use of you Suction cup dildo

The best thing about using a suction cup dildo is that you can simply improvise sex positions, comfort level and the pace there is no pressure as it is all up to you and your naughty imaginations. If you are new to using a suction cup Dildo it is recommended to use the dildo by placing it on the floor, you can slow ease down on the dildo as it penetrates you, and here gravity works for you as you slowly slide down the shaft. Another great feature of all suction cup dildos is that the dildo is compatible with a harness and it can easily be attached on a strap-on-harness making it the perfect sex toy for sexy strap-on play with your partner.

Things to consider Before Buying a Suction Cup Dildo

The top things to consider when buying a suction cup dildo are the material it is made from, the shape, and the texture. The material, shape, and texture of the dildo matters a lot when it comes to achieving a complete state of pleasure. The texture may differ for each dildo and that’s what plays a vital role while thrusting away to orgasm. Some dildos offer a smooth texture which allows easy penetration, while others are rippled and veined and will enhance the stimulation, lifelike textures also offer you the most realistic sensation just like you a fucking a hard cock. Our dildos are designed using different body safe materials. The materials include glass, silicon, metal, jelly or thermoplastic rubber too.

Let’s go deeper and get to know more about the materials dildos contain:

PVC: PVC is one of the most common and popular materials that are extremely preferred to be used as the main material for suction cup dildos. This material is firm yet extremely flexible and smooth which helps in easy and comfortable insertion. Dildos made from PVC offer a realistic touch and enhances your sexual experience too. These dildos need to be carefully cleaned before and after use and also stored individually in a dry area in a bag, pouch or sock.

TPE: Another preferred material is TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) that features extremely soft exterior while being sturdy from the core. TPE is porous so you must just make sure to keep the hygiene level a notch higher than the usual by cleaning it thoroughly every time, before and after your pleasure session. Store this dildo in a clean bag, pouch or sock to avoid any damage.

Silicone: Silicone is another very popular material when it comes to dildos. Most dildos are made using silicon and have proven to be the best too. Silicone is completely safe and skin-friendly while being non-porous too, which means that it is much easier to clean making it the most hygienic material to use especially if you plan to use the sex toy with your partner.

Realism at is best

Get in the Mood and get your hands on one of our amazing dildos. They come in all colours, sizes and shapes, from very realistic to fantasy with unexpectedly strange curves and twisted positions. The only thing left for you to do is to get one and have a great sensual time alone or with your partner! Get in the mood and explore your fantasies with an amazing realistic suction cup dildo from our Online Store.

Maximize your Pleasure with a Dildo from Moodtime

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