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To Shave Or Not To Shave Pubic Hair

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

What's your pubic hair preference?

Sexy man pulling down underwear to show pubic hair

So, what do you do? Do you shave or wax off your pubic hair, should you leave it, or is there a reason to keep your hair down there? This is a personal choice for everyone, so let’s go through some pros and the pros. Yes, there are no cons as this comes down to your personal choice, to have a bush or no bush!


Vogue has declared the bush is back

Full pubic hair has been gaining popularity since 2013 when Gwyneth Paltrow said she favoured the '70s vibe' of the natural look. Style bible Vogue has recently also declared the bush is back, so do we need a better reason than that to keep the bush.

Pubic hair increases sensation

One of the best feelings is having your hair stroked. This is partly because a head massage obviously feels amazing, but also because of the nerve endings on your hair follicles, “It turns out remarkably… that hairy skin has a special caress sensor.” Removing pubic hair is essentially robbing the region of its maximum potential for sensation. So why not just keep it as Mother Nature intended?

Pubic hair secretes pheromones

You may be attracted to the smell of someone’s cologne, but their artificial fragrance might not be the only thing reeling you in. Many animals secrete pheromones, or smells that attract potential mates in nature, Humans are no exception, and pubic hair’s location and absorbent quality is a hot spot for these smells. So do yourself a favour, and let your pheromones do a little work!.

Cartoon picture of woman in blue bikini

Pubic hair is hard to maintain

There is nothing worse than having to mow the lawn once a week! Let’s be honest, if you have no hair down there you have maybe a 3-4 day grace period before the itching starts and the hair begins to poke and prod as it grows back in. So, this means you are shaving at least every few days. With waxing the hair stays gone much longer, a few weeks, but you still have to be religious about that spa appointment to catch it before it gets too long and uncomfortable. No one likes an itchy crotch.

Cuts, razor bumps & ingrown pubic hairs

One word – ouch! Ingrown hairs hurt no matter where you get them, but when you get them on your balls or inner vaginal lips, they can be even more painful than a cut. Plus, razor burn is super nasty on your nether area. If you are the one taking care of your shaving needs there is an obvious chance of cutting yourself down there. This is exactly what has happened to me and it was super painful! Having a razor cut down there is painful, takes a while to heal, and can definitely make things uncomfortable for a while until it heals.

Legit health reasons

There actually is a physical reason for pubic hair. It is designed to catch dirt and bacteria and keep it from getting into the vagina. However, with current health practices and new soaps and feminine hygiene products available now, there is less of a reason for pubic hair to be the bacterial barrier.

Sexy woman with no pubic hair, clean shaved


More skin sensitivity

There are definitely some pros to shaving pubic hair, and the biggest one is the difference in sensitivity. Hair does create a bit of drag for a wet tongue sliding around. Whereas, if there is no hair down there everything slides around wonderfully. Plus, it is much easier for him to see where everything is! Ladies, you don’t need any more issues with directing him to your clit. The same can apply to him if he shaves his balls. Imagine how sensitive his balls will be when he removes all the hair and your tongue slides around down there?

Makes him look bigger

No more buttons on a fur coat, we absolutely guarantee if he shaves off his pubic hair that he will feel like his penis looks so much larger. The added little bit of hair removal gives his manhood a few inches of shaft length. Who could argue with that!

Hair in the teeth no more

This one is a bit selfish, but who likes hair in their mouth or teeth during a blowjob or oral sex? No one, that’s who, while we all accept that it happens, it is still much better to not have any hair stuck in your throat during oral. So, when the hair has been shaven or waxed there is no hair down there to get in the way! So no more unintentional dental flossing in the bedroom!

Sexy undies and bathing suit bottoms

Women like to wear teeny-weeny bikini bottoms or panties, and sometimes having a tuft of hair down there makes it look like there is a hamster underneath her panties. Waxing, shaving or even just trimming down really low can greatly enhance the sex appeal of her nether area in sexy panties.

Woman pubic hair designs

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