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What Eggs are you getting this Easter?

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

Who needs Chocolate Eggs, Get a Vibrating Sex Egg!

moodTime Sex Eggs

Bullet vibrator eggs are discreet, quiet and powerful vibrators that are usually used for clitoral stimulation. Because of their small size and easy-to-use shape, they're a great choice as a first time sex toy.

They’re also perfect for couples as they can be used during foreplay to explore erogenous zones other than the clitoris - like the nipples, perineum and anus. They come in either wired or wireless versions. The wireless remote control vibrating eggs are activated by remote control using RF technology. They come with a small microchip to control the devices which can provide various patterns or irregularities in the vibration and speed, this effect greatly enhances the orgasmic pleasure experienced by the user.

moodTime Vibrating Sex Eggs

Sex eggs come in many different types they are designed for ultimate foreplay and sexual pleasure:

Single Egg or Single Bullet Egg is operated by a wired control. Batteries are included in the body of the vibrating bullet.

moodTime Powerful Vibrating Egg

Double Eggs or Double Bullet Eggs can be controlled separately providing different vibrating speed and intensity that allows applying them for double penetration or stimulation.

moodTime Double Vibrating Sex Egg

Wireless Remote Control Vibrating Eggs. These eggs comes without the wire connection, and are controlled by and external RF remote, some have a range of up to 20m.

moodTime Wireless Remote Control Vibrating Eggs

So which type of Egg do you want to receive in your basket this Easter?

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