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Find Adult Toys Best Suited For You

Our MoodTime beginner's guide to Sex Toys will help you find the adult toy best suited to you. Whether you want to add more adventure and naughty fun to your lovemaking or add some zing and spice to your solo play, we've got you covered with a wide range of adult products. Read on to learn more about them and what they do!  

Whether you want a discreet male masturbator you can hide around the house or a stroker that won't break your wallet, the pocket pussy is the perfect sex toy for you! Pocket pussies are one of the top adult toys found on men's sex toy wish lists thanks in large part to the portability, discreetness and affordability of these special masturbators. The pocket pussy comes in Pussy Anal and Mouth design to suit anyone’s preference. 

Cock rings are male sex toys that slide down to the base of the penis or behind the balls to help maintain an erection. Cock rings enhance an erection by restricting blood flow back down the penis, helping him to feel harder and last for longer. An excellent alternative to herbal erection enhancers, little blue pills and delay sprays, with plenty of different shapes, sizes and weights to suit any experience level. If you want that extra bit of fun then look into getting a vibrating cock ring, they are reusable and the batteries are replaceable. Many cock rings also come equipped with a bullet vibrator for clit stimulation so not only can you stimulate yourself but also your partner.  A stretchy cock ring is a great option for beginners, while rigid metal cock rings are the perfect choice for those looking to take a step-up. 

Penis or Erection enhancer sleeves are male sex toys that boost the length, girth and staying time of an erection. These adult toys include variations of cock rings, penis sleeves and penis extenders. A penis sleeve is the best choice to add girth to the penis. Penis sleeves usually have deep grooves or nubs for added pleasure, and sometimes they have a small vibrator as well. Penis extenders are realistic sleeves with penis head that can extend the natural shaft from 1 to 4 inches. Each type of erection enhancer has its own special uses for making your cock even better.

moodTime Masturbator
moodTime Cock Ring
moodTime Penis Extension Sleeve

Probably best known as an adult gag item from the Austin Power movies, penis pumps are one of the few proven methods for increasing the size of your penis. Penis pumps work by creating a vacuum that pulls and tugs at the tissue in your penis. This causes the tissue to gradually increase in size and mass. While penis enlargement pumps do boost your girth and slightly enhance your length, these are mostly short term gains. It takes months of dedicated and prolonged use of penis enlargement pumps to permanently boost the size of your penis. Of course, penis pumps also serve other needs. Some doctors even prescribe penis vacuum pumps for patients that have difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection in the first place. There are some penis vacuum pumps that come with a built-in vibrator so they can double as a masturbation device. And never discount penis pumps when it comes to finding a gag gift for a bachelor party.

A pocket pussy is the must have item for any red blooded male. Pocket Vaginas are a hot, sweet, masturbatory action that can cum with you, wherever and whenever you want. Pocket pussies are the best in-hand action you can get on the go. Choose from mouth, anal or vaginal openings. There’s a ton to choose from so get cracking with our pocket vaginas.

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moodTime Penis Pump
moodTime Pocket Pussy
Sex toys collection

Rabbit vibrators became famous following an episode of the TV series Sex and the City, where one of the main characters refused to leave her bedroom after trying the rabbit vibrator. Ever since then, women around the world have clamoured for their own rabbit vibrator – leading to hundreds of different models and variations of bunny vibrators over the years, from powerful jack rabbit vibrators that drive your clit wild to rabbit vibrators that come with anal and G-spot stimulators. When shopping for the rabbit vibrator of your dreams, it’s important to keep in mind that there’s no such thing as the absolute best rabbit vibrator. The bunny vibrator that works great for one woman might not be as effective for another woman. So when you’re looking for the best rabbit vibrator for yourself, it helps to know what you like and what really gets you off. If you prefer clit stimulation, then you should try some high-powered jack rabbit vibrators. If you’re more interested in G-spot stimulation, then you should look for a bunny vibrator that targets your G-spot. Customer reviews are a great way to help decide which rabbit vibrator best fits your needs.

Every woman has a g-spot. Even you! The g-spot has become quite an infamous little organ in the female fanny. It was medically “discovered” a little over 50 years ago by our buddy Dr Grafenberg – hence the name “g” spot! The g-spot is often referred to as the “female prostate” – and it is just that, along with the network of sensitive tissue around it.

A classic vibrator is a long, torpedo-shaped sex toy that vibrates all along the length of the shaft. Whether smooth, ribbed or textured they are excellent for both clitoral and vaginal stimulation and can even be used on him too. A classic vibe is really easy to use, often with a twist base that controls the vibes from low to super powerful. Often made from firm plastic, their sleek shape makes them really easy to keep clean.

Bullet vibrators are small, powerful vibrators that are usually used for clitoral stimulation. Because of their petite size and easy-to-use shape, they're a great choice as a first time sex toy. Bullet vibes are some of the quietest vibrators on the market and a great choice for those who want a discreet sex toy. They’re also perfect for couples as they can be used during foreplay to explore erogenous zones other than the clitoris - like the nipples, perineum and anus.

Ben Wa Balls and Love Balls are one of the oldest types of women's sex toys. These toys can range in size from smaller glass balls to larger balls with a small bead inside them for added stimulation. There are even vibrating love balls that are connected to a small remote control for ease of use. Originally designed to be placed in the vagina to increase sexual pleasure during sex Ben Wa Balls have the added benefit of strengthening the PC (pubococcygeus) muscles. Because of this they are often recommended by professionals for muscle training. Strong PC muscles can aid in a more comfortable childbirth and in bladder control. Many women start with larger balls and move to smaller ones as their muscles get stronger. It's orgasmic exercise!

moodTime Rabbit Vibrator
moodTime G Spot Vibrator
moodTime Classic Vibrator
moodTime Vibrating Eggs
moodTime Kegel Balls

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Realistic vibrators closely resemble the penis but have extra buzz. These sex toys satisfy the need for the full feeling of a penis while delivering powerful vibrations vaginally or anally. We collection of realistic vibrators includes brightly coloured toys which may not look exactly like the real thing but we can assure you they certainly do feel like it, right down to the veins and balls. Many of these realistic looking vibrators are waterproof and can be used in the bath, shower, hot tub or where ever you find our underwater pleasures. We offer a variety of materials including Cyberskin, Jelly and Silicone and have a range of sizes to suit everyone’s size needs. And in case you want a more hands-free experience try the remote control realistic vibrators.

Realistic dildos are the perfect sex toy when the real thing isn't available. Modelled from actual penises, realistic dildos have natural looking veins and testicles and are often moulded from male adult stars penises. For an even more life-like feel these dildos are made of materials like Cyberskin, UR3 and silicone. These materials allow sex toys to take on heat, and, if you warm the dildo before using it you'll have an even more realistic experience. Designed specifically for penetration, realistic dildos can be used vaginally, anally or you can practice your blow-job skills. Some realistic dildos are equipped with harnesses and are strapped on - hence their name strap-on dildo sex toys. Since they come in a range of sizes you can find a dildo sex toy for everyone, beginner or expert.

An inflatable dildo is designed to be inserted and then pumped to a size that satisfies the user - especially suitable for those who enjoy a filled-to-the-brim sensation. Inflatable dildos allow the user to enjoy a wider girth and a full-up feeling without having the difficulty of inserting a toy with a large circumference.

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moodTime Vibrating Dildo
moodTime Realistic Dildo
moodTime Inflatable Dildo

Butt Plugs or Anal Plugs are great way to introduce anal play into your sex life. These anal sex toys come in a variety of sizes to accommodate any anal experience level. Some butt plugs have a vibrating bullet built in for added anal arousal. Many men enjoy these types of butt plugs because they stimulate the prostate gland which is similar to the female G Spot. When shopping for a butt plug pay close attention to the sizes, you don't want to be disappointed to get your package to find out your anal plug is too big or small. And with all anal toys you should always use a quality anal lube and follow any directions your anal toys come with. It's also extremely important you thoroughly wash your butt plugs after use.

Anal vibrators and vibrating butt plugs are sex toys designed with anal stimulation in mind and are popular with women and men. Most anal vibrators are designed with a slim shaft for easy insertion and bumps or ridges for stimulation, though us carries large, realistic vibrators that are popular with advanced anal players. One of primary uses of anal vibrators is prostate gland massage; stimulating the prostate can create incredibly powerful male orgasms and many people call it the male g-spot. To be more prostate friendly many anal vibrators have a flexible shaft for easy positioning. Vibrating butt plugs are great for anal play too and provide a “full” feeling when used. Remember, it’s always important to use a good anal lube with your vibrators.

Anal beads are a string of beads used to create a sensational sexual feeling in the anus. These tiny strings of beads come in a variety of different sizes, and some have built in vibrating technology to add extra power and create a sensational feeling. Anal beads are extremely bendy and flexible so they are comfortable for first time users to experience. Browse through some of our popular products like the Flexi Felix to find a good set of anal beads.

Prostate massagers are male sex toys that were designed to stimulate the prostate gland. The prostate gland is found in men only and is instrumental for the creation of seminal fluids. The prostate is considered to be male g-spot and when stimulated can lead to powerful orgasms. Though the prostate can be stimulated minimally externally, the most effective prostate massage is done internally with a finger or anal vibrator. Most prostate massagers have a larger, bulbous head that will rub against the prostate causing happy, tingly feelings. We have put together a collection of prostate massagers that includes anal dildos and vibrators that range in size to accommodate beginner sex toy users as well as experts. Treat yourself to an amazing orgasm with a prostate massager.

A simple must have for partners who enjoy anal sex and anal stimulation. Douche and enema sex toys provide a sensational anal stimulation you don't quite get from any other anal toy. The rubber material used to make douche and enema anal toys makes it easy to clean after every use and can be filled with the liquid of your choice. Most are also designed with an easy to squeeze ball shape rubber pump. Douche systems are designed to hook up to the shower head, is very safe to, but most importantly they create an anal stimulation like no other.

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moodTime Butt Plug
moodTime Anal Vibrator
moodTime Anal Beads
moodTime Prostate Vibrator
moodTime Douche
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Available in a range of styles for both casual use and all day wear, chastity belts and devices are designed to prevent access to your most intimate areas. Ensuring that no one, including yourself, can pleasure you without the key holder’s permission, chastity play intensifies sexual anticipation and desire to near unbearable levels and makes your eventual climax feel so much more rewarding.

Gags come in a wide range of styles that complement your bedroom bondage play. Keeping erotic moans and groans hushed, gags are the ideal solution for noisy submissive lovers. Choose from classic ball gags, bit gags and open-mouth gags to find a tailored mouth restraint that suits your needs. Catering for mouths of all persuasions, our bondage gags are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes and materials.

Bring the mystery back in to your role play with Bedroom Pleasures’ sexy blindfolds and masks. The sweet anticipation of wearing a blindfold during sex and foreplay is hard to rival. Enjoy all manner of soft, furry and sexy blackout with these foxy accessories. If you’re looking for something a little bit more BDSM, then cast your eve over our ball mask and bondage mask assemblage to push your sexual counterpart’s buttons.

Take control of your willing slave with our wide selection of Bondage Collars and Bondage Leads. With us stocking such a broad range of Bondage Collars and Bondage Leads, you are sure to find your ideal choice here.

Heighten the senses with whips, floggers, and paddles designed to help you and a partner play with pleasure and pain. Enjoy the sting of a small flogger, the sharp flick of a riding crop, or the thud of a paddle against your lover's rear.

Our bondage restraints give you the best variety in adult restraint, and all in one place! Here you can find wrist cuffs, ankle cuffs and collars, rope to hog tie and bondage tape; plus binders, leg spreaders, harnesses and more in a variety of kinky materials like leather and PVC. Bondage style restriction is great fun for beginners and then extremely arousing for the experienced!

Bondage cuffs are another commonly used sexual restraint used for bdsm activity. Wrist and ankle cuffs are better in design for safety considerations over handcuffs which are not padded like these bondage cuffs. You can choose from a very wide selection of cuffs that come individually for wrists and ankles or in whole bondage sets.

Bondage rope and tape allow you to create tailor-made bondage restraints that fit wrists, ankles and other body parts perfectly. Self-adhesive bondage tape only sticks to itself and can be cut to length, ensuring there are no straggly ends to unravel and can also be used to create elaborate outfits. Ropes offer a traditional bondage experience popularised by intricate Japanese rope bondage experts and can be used to tie beautiful body pieces that add a sexy twist to your lovemaking as well as offering firm restraint. The buzz of a nipple vibrator feels wonderful to the sensitive nipple area, titillate them now.

We have a wonderful catalogue of the best selection of cock and ball toys and equipment so there's something for everyone - from beginners to the experienced. Our cock and ball collection boasts a variety of styles including male chastity devices, straps and restraints with O rings, press studs, lacing and chain and made from leather, rubber and metal. The unique thrill of cock and ball torture has to be experienced to be believed, so get involved today and find out what you've been missing!

If you’re new to bondage or want to refresh your fetish sex toy collection then a bedroom bondage kit is an ideal way to further your sexual experimentation. Choose from basic bondage kits suitable for beginners or opt for a bumper pack including toys such as spankers, whips and feather ticklers to add some S&M to your B&D.

moodTime Cock Chastity
moodTime Ball Gag
moodTime Blind Fold
moodTime Collar and Lead
moodTime Whip
moodTime Body Restraints
moodTime Hand Cuffs
moodTime Rope
moodTime Cock and Ball Restraints
moodTime BDSM Set

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We hope that this article has convinced you to grab your own sex toy or add to your collection. Why not visit our Moodtime online store now or drop us a message or comment, we would love to hear from you.

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