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Soylite Mini-lite Massage Candle Assorted Fragrance - 15ml

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Brand: moodTime
Soylite Mini-lite Massage Candle Assorted Fragrance - 15ml

The 7-hour burn time Mini Massage Lites contain 15ml of soy wax. They are also alternatives to regular T-Lites but have a long aromatherapy burn time. The Mini Lites have a lid which makes them perfect for travel and they make great little gifts. They melt at low temperature so once melted it can be used as a normal tea light, or dripped on your body for wax play fun. Available in all our standard massage aromatherapy blends.

Contains: Body safe soy wax
Fragrance oils: Random
Size: 1x Mini tin - 15ml
Usage: Wax play, massage, aromatherapy

Low heat: Melts at +-45 degree

Soylite Mini-lite Massage Candle Assorted Fragrance - 15ml

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