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9 Sex Positions for Couples Trying New Things with Sex Toys

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

Breaking barriers of boredom in the bedroom with Sex Toys

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Spice things up and light your fire of desire by breaking the barriers of boredom in the bedroom. Take your sexual activities to the next level is by introducing different sexual positions and sex toys. We have you covered in the toy department with our huge and exciting range. Read on to discover what hot sex positions you can try coupled with your new toys.

New positions with a hot sex toy provide new angles of penetration, new sensations, and new levels of intimacy. You will find even more exciting and original ways to touch each other. And, maybe most exciting of all, you’ll learn new things about your partner.

Whilst these sexual positions work for everyone some just work better for some orientations than others, don't worry we have not left anyone out so we have broken them down into lists for heterosexual, gay and lesbian couples, BUT feel free to try any (or all!) of these nine positions, modify them and make them your own. Whatever sexual positions you find, here or elsewhere, feel free to improvise and most importantly introduce different sex toys for added fun and pleasure. Go with the tried and trusted vibrators or vibrating butt plugs at first or if you are feeling more daring add a blindfold use a spanker or some hot bed restraints.

We chose these positions below because they are new, fresh and exciting, and provide sexual pleasure to both partners whilst combining them with adult toys. They are out of the ordinary, beyond the standard missionary or doggie-style, and range from easy to athletic. Even if one recommendation isn’t for your orientation, experiment to see how you can modify it to fit.

Some positions inherently provide more pleasure to one partner than the other, sometimes, that is fine. Sharing is caring so we want positions with mutual delights. Here are some positions to find that.

3 Great Sex Positions for Heterosexual Couples

Froggie Style Sex Position - Bounce Bounce!

This is like cowgirl, but the female doesn’t set herself down entirely on the man. Instead, she crouched up in the air, resting her hands on his chest or the floor, and her feet on the floor, moving up & down in a bouncing manner (froggie style). Vary speed, this is a great position for her being able to take him in deeply, feeling the friction in her entire vaginal opening. And he’ll like it, too. This is a great position for the female to be in control since it involves very little thrusting on his behalf. Add a male penis sleeve for added pleasure for the female which makes the male last longer before ejaculation, great way to ensure the female is completely satisfied before finishing.

Froggie Style Sex Position with sex toys

Door Play Position with a Door Sex Swing

This is a fresh new sex position made possible with our newly offered BDSM Door Swing Sex Set. One partner (usually the woman, but experiment!) is suspended against a door using a Door Swing Sex Set; it is adjustable so it will always be at the right at the perfect height for her partner to enter. Being suspended, use your hands to stabilize yourself. It is an intimate engagement, one where both partners exert as much control as you (both) like. You’ll never look at your door the same way again. Oh and please make sure your door is strong to ensure you don't demolish your room!

Spread Eagle and Bound Position

This is one of our favourite positions involving using our BDSM Bed Restraints. Either the man or the woman is tied to the bed, arms and legs wide open, ready for whatever happens. You don’t need bedposts to make this work. An under the bed restraint system will allow this position on any bed. The exciting thing here is that the tied-up person, who if you are really daring can be blindfolded, has no idea what pleasure is about to come. Why not combine this with a 10 Pcs BDSM Sex Kit Set - kiss, lick, tickle, spank then penetration. Usually it is a combination of all of these and your senses will be heightened making for best sex ever. The unbound partner gets to do what they want and know will make their partner happy, and will have the ability to get off how they choose.

3 Great Positions for Male to Male Couple

Gay sex has some of the most athletic and exciting positions possible. Here are some of our favourites.

The Blind Hole Sex Position Male to Male

This is a way of penetrating that provides great of face-to-face intimacy, as well as the ability to move in different sorts of ways. The bottom partner leaning back is receiving, and the top partner controls the rhythm, the angle, and the depth of penetration. Use a vibrating Cock Ring for added pleasure. It’s a great way for newer couples to get to know each other, an intimate and athletic position that can work for any type of couple.

Anal on a Table Male to Male sex position

This is a step up (or a table up) from the standard (yet still enjoyable) missionary anal sex, but by placing both partners on a coffee table or the edge of a couch, it necessitates the top partner propping themselves up on his palms, the bottom on their elbows. This creates a new angle and a different kind of control. Both partners have to work together, thrusting back and forth. To change things up, a spreader bar can change whose legs are on the inside and outside, giving a completely different sensation. Just make sure your table legs are strong!

Bent Over and Bound Male to Male sex position

This is a pretty athletic one. One partner bends over, with their hands and legs bondage bound to each other. They can’t really move or walk, and are pointing their butt upward and outward, vulnerable and ready. The other partner can approach from behind, ready for penetration. But this is a gentle dance, obviously the person behind doesn’t want to knock over their lover, so they can’t be too aggressive with penetrating. This is an exciting position, equal parts vulnerability and passion.

3 Positions for Female to Female Couples

Lesbian sex has some of the most varied and exciting positions possible. Here are some of our favourites.

Standing Strap-On Sex female to female sex position

There are a lot of different kinds of strap-on sex dildos, but one great position is where one of the women is on her knees, elevated, with her rear right at the height of her partner’s toy. You’ll want the receiving partner to be bent slightly forward, for better anal or vaginal penetration. Make sure you get a strap-on harness that is both comfortable and durable (and sexy!), and that can accommodate any dildo you’d prefer.

Breast Friends female to female sex position

This is a position that starts with kneeling, as you lean in close to each other so that you can rub your nipples together. While here, both partners can pleasure each other with their fingers or a nipple vibrator. A variation on this could be to use nipple clamps to bind your selves to each other.

Bound Shower Oral sex position female to female

Feeling like giving a little present, but one that comes with a few… stipulations? Try tied-up oral in the shower. Binding your partner’s hands with cuffs or rope leaves them wide open to your tongue and your desires. They’ll have the warmth of the shower and the hotter heat of your mouth. And want to get less gentle? Try reaching around with silicone anal shower beads. They won’t be thinking any clean thoughts.

So we have given you a few great ideas so keep on going try different positions and sex toys. With the right toys, the right sense of adventure, and the right partner, you can try something new every day.

Be respectful, be giving and be willing to explore this whole new world of pleasure right in your bedroom…. But most of all get in the mood!! Looking for the best range of adult sex toys in South Africa, look no further - Visit our moodTime online sex toy store, we have a huge range of male, female and BDSM sex toys plus lots more.

Great couples sex toys from moodtime

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