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A Real Man Has At Least One Jockstrap

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

Top Reasons Every Man Should Own (and Wear) a Jockstrap

moodtime mens underwear and jockstrap

Jockstraps were specifically created for male bicyclists during the late 1800s, when the newly-invented bike became a popular fad. Male underwear of that period was loose and non-supportive (elastic material hadn't been invented yet). Horseback riders had a similar problem, for which some men wore a "suspensory" pouch that held the testicles up, but left the penis free. The narrower bicycle saddle was even more anatomically awkward for men. Men needed underwear which was cool and unrestrictive but held everything in a pouch, this is how the jockstrap was invented… so enough of the boring stuff.

Jockstraps are worn to support you stuff while participating in athletic endeavours. They maximize range of motion for sports by having little fabric. So it's quite normal to feel like you're not wearing anything at all.

10 Reasons Every Man Should Own a Jockstrap

Wear a jockstrap for comfort while playing sports

A jockstrap is recommended for any sport that requires running, such as track and field or basketball, they allow for comfort and free movement.

They’re very comfortable

Increasingly, men are turning to jockstraps as an everyday form of underwear due to their comfort and attractiveness. Other men's underwear can ride up in the front and back, but jockstraps don’t.

You will feel confident

Fact: wearing sexy underwear boosts your confidence, You will feel like a million bucks when you wear something a little more risqué down there.

Mens sexy red jockstrap from moodtime

It keeps everything in the upright and locked position

It’s like a sports bra for men. Jock straps keep everything from moving around when there’s some turbulence.

They accentuate your assets

Enhancing both the front and back parts you perhaps want to look a little larger or firmer then a jockstrap is the way to go.

It’s a kink or fetish for many men

Sexy underwear is a kink for many straight and gay men. So if you’re hooking up with someone new and surprise them with your undies, they’ll be very aroused.

It’s fabulous foreplay

Don’t take them off right away as you’re getting intimate with your partner or casual encounter. It gives you that sporty edge.

Mens sexy white jockstrap from moodtime

Spices up your boring attire

Knowing you have something sexy and fun underneath your boring suit can make you feel a little naughty, spicing up your mundane work attire (and life).

It’ sexy AF

It's a freeing thing to wear a jockstrap next best thing to being naked, that said it is just hot to wear one.

Last but not least, you don't need a reason to get one

At MoodTime Online, we have sourced some great Jockstraps, so get yours now.

We will also be stocking other styles of underwear soon such a G-strings and boxers so keep checking in.

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