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Ball Stretching Tips For Those Craving Low Knockers

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

Why do some men stretch their testicles?

Man Showing Low Hanging Balls

It is very common to hear of men wanting to increase their penis size and by using penis pumps to achieve this but it might still surprise some people that ball stretching is also just as a common enough practice among men. So are you looking to stretch your balls or need more information, here’s a quick guide on how to get a pair of low-hangers and out of all the write-ups and online information available, there seem to be three major reasons for using ball stretchers…

Reasons why men like to stretch their balls with ball weights

Aesthetic purposes

Some men believe “low hangers” will make their penises look much bigger. Others simply think it looks more manly either naked or while wearing the rings and having their package look bigger in their undies. If you were to compare the equivalent it would be a woman wanting large breasts to make their waist look smaller or be more attractive according to current social standards. Do something brave and you are told "you got some big ball" perhaps this is where the desire for large grapefruits came from. Men just feel more manly with large hangers.


The feeling of large balls slapping against the body during sex is appealing to some people. Also, wearing them can feel nice to others. Some also claim that if the balls are lower, the sperm has farther to travel and the orgasms last longer and are better


There are plenty of BDSM cock and ball torture devices out there, and stretchers are among them (for discomfort, humiliation, or control).

Ball Stretchers For Low Hanging Balls

What do they look like and how do you wear them?

There are many different stretcher designs, Single rings (solid or halved), Sleeves or bull bags, Leather sheaths and some are as simple as rings. If you’re determined to stretch your bad boys, there are some things you need to be aware of:

Get the Right Fit – It’s the same as cock rings they can’t be too tight or too loose and must be just snug enough not to fall off. Never go too tight, pay attention to circulation or you could risk serious or permanent damage. Don’t keep going if you feel any pain.

Wear It Correctly – First, these devices should not be worn for long periods of time (and definitely never overnight). 20 - 30 minutes is a good amount of time. Also, avoid chaffing by adding some personal water-based sex lube also moisturize using body butter with vitamin E to keep your skin supple.

Be Consistent – Imagine you’re building muscles – it doesn’t happen overnight. The same goes for stretching. It’s not something you should do if you expect immediate results, think of it as gym for your balls

There’s no guarantee you’re going to get the results you want. Some bodies are just more prone to stretching and keeping the length. Some might go quickly, some might take forever so don't give up.

Check out our moodTime range of male Cock Rings, Sleeves and Ball Toys. If you are looking for a specific ball or cock device that we don't have just contact us and we will source it for you.

Low Hanging Balls

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