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Benefits of Buying Adult Toys Online

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

Buy the Best Online Sex Toys in South Africa from MoodTime

Adult toys are used by people for sexual pleasure and to enhance their bedroom fun and relationships. Their main function will always however be getting you satisfied with amazing sexual pleasures. There are so many different types from dildos to vibrators, butt plugs to masturbators but are all used for the same reasons.

Sex toys have many benefits for the people who get to use them. It is true that they help with the practice and art of making love. They are not meant to replace your lover but instead they are used to help spice things up. With adult toys you can practice and learn about your body which helps you come up with sexy moves to try out in bed …. or the dining room table! This brings out more enjoyment and romance which leads to more sexual pleasure.

There are a few brick and mortar stores that do sell adult toys… but this is so last decade ….

Moodtime Dildos

Great reasons and benefits to get adult toys online from MoodTime

  • Buying adult sex toys from MoodTime Online allows you to choose from the huge selection of toys available for both men and women. This is because we sell a wide selection of the best adult toys available and are continuously looking out for and sourcing other new exciting toys.

  • All our sex toys are carefully displayed on our website with accurate product pictures and descriptions allowing you to fully research your items and all the available features.

  • We are available 24/7 via email and also have a convenient online chat facility should you need advice or have any product queries.

  • We are the best in our field and because of this we sell all these toys at very affordable prices which we know is very important to our customers. We don’t have unnecessary overheads that inflate our prices like traditional stores. So you get more vibration for your bucks!!

  • As we are online you can rest assured all out intimate sex toys are brand new and have never been handled which is not the case of traditional retails stores. We also ensure all our items are tested and come in sealed packaging.

  • Our parcels are all 100% discreet and double wrapped. We have no details on the packaging apart from your name, address and number. We do not show any of our details on the parcel what so ever. Our website is also 100% safe and very secure so shop online safely and discreetly from the comfort of your own home. No dodgy sales people hovering around when you are trying to make an intimate decision.

  • We also offer a very reasonable flat courier rate for delivery, as it is a flat rate it will never increase so add as many adult toys as you like…. It also includes free insurance for your peace of mind.

Moodtime sex shop online shopping

Get in the mood now and pay us an online visit today and get 7% off your purchase.

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