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Best Sex Toys for Anal Stretching

Why Should You Buy a Good Anal Dilator Sex Toy?

Buy a Good Anal Dilator Sex Toy

If you love backdoor fun and want to go big with it, and by saying big we mean big in size! In order to comfortable train your body to take it big then anal stretchers are the adult toy that you will need. These adult toys are designed for anal enthusiasts; anal stretchers are sex toys that are used to open, widen, or stretch the anus to a specific size by using anal dilators or butt plugs. These types of sex toys make anal sex so much more exciting, comfortable, and pleasurable. No matter how experienced you are in anal fun there is a design for you. They can be used for any kind of anal play, from the most slow and gentle penetration to intense BDSM bottoming and Anal fetish play of all kinds.

Before rushing straight into anal stretching action there is a few important tips to consider that will help you find the right anal toy both in size and design perfect for your partner backdoor love tunnel.

shopping online for anal stretching sex toys

Top points to consider when shopping online for anal stretching sex toys:

What type of anal stretcher are you looking for? Generally, there are three groups of sex toys that make excellent anal stretchers. These include anal dilators, butt plugs, and anal dildos. The design of the anal stretcher you will choose is important for the sensation you get during anal play. The most common anal stretchers are butt plugs and anal dilators.

Butt Plugs

Butt plugs have the classic rounded shape with a tapered tip, narrow neck, and a flared base that keeps the plug in place once it is filling your hole.

Anal Dilators

Anal dilators, also known as rectal dilators on the other hand are often used for medical purposes and fetish sex play. The design of anal dilators are usually tubular with a hollow centre they also come in various sizes so you can work your way up as your anal muscles relax.

Anal Dildos

Anal Dildos

Anal Dildos are the other adult toy that many people use to expand their anus in preparation for anal sex. These dildos either come is the standard penis shape or you can also get many fantasy dildos with different shapes that can be inserted in your anus.

online anal sex kits

Anal stretchers are usually sold individually online but we do offer anal kits. These anal sex toy kits usually come with three sizes included. If you are an anal play beginner and plan on using the anal sex toys to train and expand your rectum then an anal sex toy kit is the best to go with.

An anal play kit is the best choice as then it will allow you to start small and work your way up as your asshole get more experienced and relaxed allowing you to fill your love hole with something bigger and more satisfying. It is always a good idea to have multiple anal plugs and to play regularly with your anal toys. If you are already into anal play and want something that will really open your love hole up then it is best to buy an anal stretcher in a size that will truly satisfy your hungry backdoor hole.

Anal sex toys and prostate massager toys

When considering the size options for your anal stretcher just remember that it is not only the length you should pay attention to but also the shape of the prostate massager or anal toy and its width. Width is in fact the most important factor to consider when your goal is anal dilation. The width of the anal plug is very important and this is the size that will open your hole to the size you want when the butt plug fill you up.

The shape of your anal stretcher is also important to consider. The four main parts of any anal stretcher is its tip and shaft, the drop-off from the main shaft, its neck around which your hole will clench and the base of the plug. Most beginner anal toys will have narrow tips with a tapered shape that will help you gradually insert it to the widest point being before the drop-off from the shaft to the neck. Some anal stretchers will have a bulbous shape where the transition from the tip to the wides point is usually very immediate, so they offer more stretch and a feeling of fullness.

Anal Toys and Butt Plugs

The drop-off allows the anal plug to stay locked in place and gives your anus something to clench on to until you are ready to take it out. It is also very important to consider the base. All good anal sex toys have a wide flared base, this is very important to prevent the sex toy from pulling up into your anus and getting stuck. The base can either be round with a suction cup for hands free play or have a curved T shape with two ends that rest between your butt cheeks while you wear the sex toy.

The material used in your anal to is also important as you need to make sure that it is safe for your backside. All the anal toys that we sell in our online sex toy store are made of body-safe materials that are free of phthalates, paraffin and latex. Anal stretchers are affordable sex toys, so you can also experiment with materials if you want to try out something different, silicone is normally the best chose when it comes to sex toys but there is also various other safe materials that we have available.

The last thing to consider is additional features. These additional features can include a suction cup that allows hands-free play, waterproof design to allow bath or shower anal play or temperature play which is achieved by heating and cooling your sex toy. Vibration is also one of the best butt plug option to go with. You can also find anal toy designs with curved shapes, expanding bodies, bumps and other variations.

Silicone anal butt plug toys online

Why Should You Buy a Good Anal Stretcher?

Anal stretchers and anal toys are a great way to make bottoming (anal sex) more enjoyable. They are used to prepare the hole for anal action or widen it for rough anal sex. When starting out with anal play, many people experience pain and discomfort at first if their anus is not prepared, so by using dilating anal kits, you can get used to the sensation of having your asshole filled and will start enjoying anal sex for all the pleasure that it can bring. Your anus has a lot of nerve endings, so by playing with that sensitive area, anal play can feel amazing, regardless of gender.

By having the best anal stretcher kit with multiple dilators or butt plugs sizes it will give the option to play and expand your back hole to the size you want. They can be used for minimal anal expanding or relaxing the rectum for easy anal penetration or for opening your asshole wide for gaping, or inserting even bigger sex toys.

Just a note of safety, butt plugs should always be comfortable and safe to use, regardless of the model and composition. If you feel any discomfort or pain remove it immediately and try a smaller size. Find anal stretchers are usually made of body-safe materials that are phthalate and BPA-free. The best sex toy material in this regard is usually silicone, borosilicate glass (Pyrex), stainless steel, and similar nonporous materials. Regardless of the material of the anal stretcher, you should always use plenty of lube.

The bottom line is anal stretching can help you take your sex life to another level and is perfect for any type of anal action from slow and gentle penetration up to rough anal pounding, fisting, or gaping. Whether you are a newbie in anal play or want to try out some more extreme stuff, stretchers can help you work your way up to a more pleasurable anal sex.

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