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Electro Stimulation in a nutshell (or nutsack if you are male)

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

Zap your lady or man bits with electro sex sensations

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E-Stim or electrostimulation, (also known as e-stim, electro-play or electro-sex), is the use of electricity to provide extremely pleasurable sexual sensations through your body. You control the strength and feeling of these sensations to produce unique stimulations, e-stim essentially causes muscle contractions, and this can be incredibly arousing in your genitals, it can also be used as a BDSM tool whereby your partner can have full control over the intensity of the stimulation.

Imagine the feeling of tiny butterflies caressing the inside of your vagina or the tingling of pins and needles around your clitoris, penis or anus. You can even enjoy being penetrated with the impression that you are being fucked hard by using an insertable electrode or use the cock rings attachment for a true hands-free orgasm.

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A basic electro stimulation system consists of a control unit powered by 2x AAA batteries that controls the electrical impulses. Cables to attach it to a set of electrodes and these act as contacts and allow the current to pass through your skin and muscles before going back to the power box completing a circuit. All our control units come with two outlets which allow you to use any attachments together, such as cock rings and a butt plug, nipple suckers and penis sleeve. The control unit can control the shock intensity and contraction intensity and also offer several frequencies for different pleasure sensations.

Always play safe when experimenting with e-stimulation, only use equipment designed specifically for E-stim, never try to home DIY something together yourself, it is just not worth the risk of injury. Ensure that any equipment you buy is designed for E-stim use, we stock them all, and if we don’t have it just let us know and we will get whichever attachment you need. We can also get you spare cables and electrodes if required. Just some safety advice, never apply a current through your chest, this includes going from one arm or hand to the other as the current will go through your chest, and you have an essential piece of you that resides there and relies on electricity to work correctly, and that is your heart. Applying a current across your chest risks problems with your heart and you don't want to go there.

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There are however special electrodes that are available for nipple fun which are safe as they are designed for that purpose but don't try using the sticky pad style electrodes anywhere on your chest area. Trust me when I say that you are going to want to focus down below with your E-stim experimentations anyway, pleasure that pussy or penis!

These systems have what's called a single channel output, that means they can have multiple electrodes, but they are all on the same circuit, so everything gets the same current. Always remember to switch your control unit off before attaching or removing any cables and especially when removing an electrode from your body.

Penis cock and ball shocker rings

Electrodes - What are they?

The simplest of which is the self-adhesive sticky pad electrode. These are monopole electrodes, and this just means that only one wire goes to each pad, you will need two pads on your body to complete a circuit. Top tip the adhesive on these pads is really quite strong so try not to use them on overly hairy areas. Trust us on this one a quick shave can make things much more enjoyable when it comes to removing a pad.

Insertable electrodes are often bi-polar electrodes, as you have probably already worked out, they have two wires going to them and will have two contact areas on them that contact the skin, your skin then completes the circuit. These are our favourite type of electrodes. Cock Loops are monopole electrodes that can be wrapped around a cock or balls, as each only has one wire you will need two of them or one cock loop and an insertable or a pad electrode to create a circuit. The cock rings normally come in a set of 4.

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There are lots of different electrodes that we haven't already covered to explore and enjoy and these range from pinwheels, urethral sounds, chastity cages, ball squeezers or crushers (ouch), anal or butt plugs. Each has its own feeling, use, and advantages and if you get into the scene you could add them to your collection of electrodes.

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Best lubrication for electro stimulation

We suggest using water-based lubes with e-stim electrodes to ensure a good contact with the skin, this is essential for optimum performance. Remember that we are all made up of a high proportion of water in our bodies and this makes us good conductors of electricity. Water-based lubes help that electricity get from the electrode, into and then out of our bodies. Having dry spots can be uncomfortable so make sure that you lube up well.

That is it really, it isn't as scary as it first seems and the combinations of electrodes and types of stimulations caused are endless, its great fun for both men and women so what are you waiting for.

Visit our Online Store and get some kit - zap your lady or man bits

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