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Essential Information You Should Know About Sex Toys

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Sex Toy Care, Product Materials and Sexual Health

Sex Toy Care, Materials and Sexual Health

Sex Toy Materials Have Greatly Improved

The sex toy industry has gone through a lot improving when it comes to quality of toy materials and design. It is now standard practice not to use latex and phthalate containing compounds in adult toys. We always source all our adult toys from reputable suppliers to ensure that the materials used are body safe. At we also have strict quality standards so if products do not meet our standard we reject the shipment. All our adult toys are hygienically heat sealed in plastic packaging keeping them new, untouched and clean.

Care and Maintenance of your Sex Toy

Sex toys are very easy to take care of. If your toy is made of hard plastic or TPR you can wash them with warm water and liquid hand soap. Silicone material provides more options, you can sterilize them by wiping your adult toys with a mild bleach solution or if your silicone toy does not have a motor inside you can also boil it and even wash it in dishwasher. Same options would apply when cleaning stainless steel and glass sex toys. Always store sex toys apart from each other, wrapping them in a sock is the best. If two different materials touch it can cause them to deteriorate. When storing your toys for long periods always remove the batteries, and be sure you only use quality batteries.

Sex Toys and Personal Lubricants

Sex Toys and Personal Lubricants

It is very important to use a lubricant with your sex toy. Lubes allow for having a much more enjoyable experience and makes their use much more pleasurable. However you need to be very careful when selecting lube for your sex toy. Silicone lubes should never be used with silicone sex toys as they can damage the material. Always opt for water based lubes as these are compatible with any adult toys. Silicone lube is ok to use with stainless steel and glass toys.

Adult Toys and Sexual Health

The purchase and use of sex toys has become very mainstream and most people view the use of sex toys as completely normal, which should be the case. Using sex toys enhance sexual pleasure and orgasm and can help you to sleep, boost immunity, relieve pain, reduce stress and much more... Vibrating toys can create different types of sexual stimulation, which can be beneficial when there is decreased sexual sensation, low libido or an inability to enjoy orgasm. Slim vibrators and dildos help where normal penetration is difficult, there is just so many reasons to invest in an adult toy.

Adult Toys for Prostate Massage

Have you ever experience the benefits of prostate massage! Prostate stimulation toys deliver delightful arousal and even ejaculation which can be hands free if done correctly. Prostate massage also increases blood flow to the prostate area improving prostate health. Prostate toys come in many different shapes and materials, some massagers feature vibrations. We have sourced a great range of the best prostate sex toy styles available, so check them out.

Adult Toys for Prostate Massage

Sex Toys to ensure Female Orgasm

Orgasms are possibly the greatest thing in the entire world, pure pleasure that comes with zero calories. But, sadly, reaching the big O is not always that easy for many women. Sex toys open women up to a range of sensations that you just can not experience with your hands or with a partner. All vibrators are technically clit vibrators. But some vibrators are designed to pleasure the clit and also penetrate so if you are looking for more check out our G-spot and Rabbit vibrators.

Sex Toys to ensure Female Orgasm

Sex Toys for Kegels

Did you know you can achieve longer, stronger orgasms and improved sexual health with Kegel toys and BenWa balls? BenWa balls were originally used by ancient Chinese women for sexual arousal; these sex toys are now also used help to improve muscle tone. Modern Kegel exercisers consist of one or two spheres with moving weighted metal balls inside.

When the weighted balls roll around the PC muscles automatically contract around them, with long term use your PC muscles become stronger. Women everywhere are adding this simple, fun, and very beneficial practice to their everyday sexual health routine. These are a lot of styles of Kegel balls available so we have selected and made available the perfect range to choose from.

Sex Toys for Kegels

Sex Toys for Male Sexual Stamina

Sex toys can help men to improve sexual stamina and endurance. Regular use of masturbators allows for stamina training while wearing a cock ring during intercourse delays ejaculation for better partner’s sex. Premature ejaculation is a most common sexual condition in men. Adult toys such as masturbators, cock rings and penis sleeves can help to maintain stronger and longer erections and experience stronger orgasms.

Sex Toys for Male Sexual Stamina

What is the Safest Sex Toy Material?

TPR and TPE Sex Toys

TPE thermoplastic elastomer and the TPR is thermoplastic rubber are very popular materials used to make sex toys. It is a flexible materials, sometimes with a slight unpleasant odour, the good this is they are not toxic and do not contain phthalates so they are considered body safe. These materials are very soft, normally featuring bright colours. As we said above Adult toys containing TPR and TPE do not contain phthalate and latex and are therefore hypoallergenic and safe. TPR and TPE materials are however porous so they need to be cleaned very well with liquid soap (Dettol liquid hand soap works wonders) and water. We also would not recommend sharing these or using between orifices unless very cleaned well.

Silicone Adult Toys

Silicone is the king of sex toy materials; it is soft and velvety to the touch warming up very quickly. Hypoallergenic, nonporous silicone is totally body safe. You can even sterilize the with a bleach solution. The silicone material is extremely resistant to wear and tear so silicone adult toys will serve you for a long time.

Glass and Stainless Steel

Glass and Stainless Steel materials are hypoallergenic, completely nonporous and are totally body safe materials. They are extremely easy to clean and can even be but in the dishwasher. They are great for temperature play as they cool down and warm up very quickly.

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