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Everything You Need To Know About Urethral Sex Toys

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

Urethral Play with Penis Sounds and Plugs

vibrating urethral dilator stimulator moodtime

We all want better orgasm and we explore all options whether it is unusual sex positions, new sex toys, BDSM or Bondage. All these sexual activities are ways for you to explore your own body and your own sexuality. Mainly for men one area of the genitals that tends to be often overlooked is the urethra. When asked about erogenous zones, your urethra or pee hole will probably be the last area on your body that comes to your mind.

What many people do not know is that the urethra is an incredibly sensitive zone and packed with nerves so stimulating the urethra can feel incredible for many. The urethra a delicate area so when stimulating it you need to be very careful and gentle but we will cover this later on in the article.

urethral dilator stimulator selection

Sex Toy manufacturers and adult suppliers have developed a wide range of toys for urethral play and to help people engage in urethral play in a safe and satisfying way. At MoodTime we have a big range of the best urethral toys on the market which are all specifically designed for the urethra.

Moodtime Urethral Toys

Types of Urethral Toys

Urethral play can be an exciting and interesting new experience for anyone looking to broaden their horizons, this type of play is often categorised under BDSM but essentially it should be in a category of its own. When it comes to buying your sex toys though and specifically urethral toys, there can be a lot of choice as there is four types of urethral sex toys, each with their own designs and sensations.

1. Penis Plugs

Penis plugs tend to be the first type of urethral toy someone will experiment with and is entry into urethral play. These penis plugs are usually quite small, and will only penetrate a few centimetres into the urethra. Most penis plugs will have a large ball or ring at one end, which stops you from inserting the toy too far in. Penis plug are normally made from either silicone or stainless steel, sometimes you also get them in Glass. Aside from the material and stopper at the end, they can be as varied as any other type of sex toy.

Some penis plugs are smooth for easy insertion; others may have ridges or beads, providing different sensations to the nerves within the urethra as they are inserted. Some are of equal girth for the length of the plug, or sometimes they will be tapered, providing additional stretch the further you insert it. There are also some that are designed to be worn for much longer periods of time, and will be hollow. This allows bodily fluids to pass through them while you wear them. These are often called Cum Thu plugs.

2. Urethral Sounds

Urethral sounds are probably the most popular type of urethral toy available today. Penis Sounds are longer than penis plugs, and are able to penetrate much further inside the body. They are usually made from stainless steel, although some silicone variants are also available.

The standard design is simply a large rod which you insert into the urethra, and depending on length, can penetrate the entire length of the urethra even reaching the bladder. While the most traditional sounds are simple straight rods, there are many variants which are all shaped differently and provide different sensations when used. Which type of sound you go for will depend largely on your experience level, and what you want to get from the experience.

3. Sperm or Cum Stopper

A sperm stopper is a cross between a penis plug and a cock ring. The ring part of this sex toy sits around the glans of the penis, across the sensitive areas like the frenulum. The stopper is usually a small ball on a curved arm, which sits nicely within the urethra. Sperm stoppers are usually only made of stainless steel, and most are the same with only variations in the ring designs and size.

General Urethral Toy Considerations

There are a few important things to consider when choosing your sex toy and this applies to all variants of urethral toys. These considerations are the material, and texture.

Materials: In general, there are two types of material used in urethral toys that you should be looking for. These are stainless steel, and silicone. They these materials are both non-porous, so they will not absorb or harbour bacteria and are much easier to keep clean. To clean them you can wash in an antibacterial liquid soap and also boil them to make sure that they are 100% safe and clean.

Texture: An often-overlooked part of urethral play is the stimulation you get from the surface of your chosen sex toy. Many toys are very simply designed with a smooth and consistent surface. This is perfectly fine, and can give you plenty of strong stimulation when used. There are though, urethral toys that are a little bit different. They still are penis plugs or urethral sounds, but rather than a completely smooth design, they might have bumps, patterns, or even beads along the shaft. While these probably aren’t ideal for beginners, experienced users can draw a lot of pleasure from the extra stimulation these designs provide.

Silicone penis plug

What is a Penis Plug?

A penis plug is a short toy designed to be inserted into the urethra. These are sometimes only worn for short periods, but some can be designed for prolonged wear. They tend to be between one and four inches long, and stimulate the penis from the inside.

There are many different kinds of penis plug. The most basic is a smooth, slightly tapered, thin piece of metal. More complex designs can have different goals, like heightening your sexual arousal, or helping keep the plug in place for longer periods of time. They might have different textures, flexible shafts, have a ring to go around the penis, or even vibrate. Penis plugs with rings have a double function, as they help to keep the plug in place, and stimulate the penis, making it harder and more sensitive to touches.

Male with penis plug

Some penis plugs may have a hole through the middle. This hole is designed to let you expel bodily fluids such as urine or ejaculation, without needing to remove the plug. They may come with a small ball bearing, which screws on to the top of the plug. This ball is removed when you want to urinate or ejaculate, and then replaced during normal wear of the plug. Most penis plugs will be made of stainless steel. This is the easiest material to sterilise, and the safest to use in this kind of play.

What is a Penis Plug Used For?

While penis plugs do have a medical use which is helping to open the urethra in people with conditions which prevent them from urinating properly, most people who will buy one of their own are only doing it for sexual pleasure.

As the plug enters the urethra, it puts pressure on the sensitive nerve endings inside the penis. This pressure can make the entire penis much more sensitive, making it easier to orgasm and much more intense when you do. It can even help to maintain stronger erections both through the internal stimulation, and, if your plug has one, the rings which can surround the penis.

Inserting a penis sound

How Do You Use a Penis Plug?

It is fairly obvious how to use a penis plug. The plug is inserted into the penis through the urethra. The most important this is that the plug needs to be completely Clean, sterile and sanitized, as this part of the body is very prone to bacterial infection. You can use antibacterial soap, sex toy cleaner and also boil them to make sure that they are 100% sterile.

Before you insert your plug, you should always check it over. Run your finger along the entire sex toy to feel for any lumps, bumps, or sharp sections that should not be there also make sure they are properly smoothed out. These checks don’t just need to be done when you first get your plug. You should check it before every use. Urinating before you begin is always a good idea as not only does it help to rid the area of unwanted bacteria, but can also make it easier to orgasm as some men find it difficult to reach orgasm with a full bladder.

Lubricant is another very important consideration in urethral play, and will need to be well prepared before you begin to play. The urethra does not produce enough of its own lubricant to facilitate sexual play and it will also absorb water. Whichever lubricant you use, it must be sterile, and you need to apply a generous amount to the plug and your urethra to help prevent friction. Using a penis plug without Lubrication is dangerous and can lead to tearing and injury.

Inserting the Penis Plug

Inserting a penis plug is a slow careful procedure, rushing it is likely to hurt or cause injury. You should also never force the plug in. If you have used lubricant and it is not going in comfortably, then take it back out and try again later when you are more relaxed. In most cases, it is much easier to insert a penis plug when the penis is flaccid. Unless you have a lot of experience and practise using them, you should also stick to an appropriately sized penis plug. Start small and thing, longer and thicker versions are not advised until your urethra becomes used to the sensation, and you have trained your little fellow.

Long silicone penis sound sex toy from moodtime

Risks and Dangers with penile penetration

With something as delicate as penile penetration, there are some risks involved. The largest of these is simple contamination. You need to be sure that your plug is completely Clean and sterile before any usage, and that your hands and body are also clean to prevent infections. Never share your penis plugs!

Urethral plugs are specifically designed for the purpose at hand, never attempt urethral play with any household objects. Make sure that the size you insert is comfortable, never attempt to force a plug in and if you feel any discomfort stop and remove the plug. Removal should also be done slowly and carefully and do not cum while the plug is inserted unless you have a hollow version.

Storing Your Penis Plugs

Improper storage can expose your plug to all kinds of bacteria, or even damage. As the surface needs to be smooth for use, any scratches or dents will make your plug very unsafe for use. Store your penis plugs in a dry clean box, and if possible, wrap each individual plug in a soft material such as a tissue to stop them from scratching against any other surfaces.

Follow these simple guidelines and you should not have any problems using your penis plugs. Don’t be intimidated by them! Urethral play can be one of the most intense forms of sexual stimulation you can experience, and you don’t know what you’re missing out on until you try it yourself.

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