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Explore Your Inner Submissive

Dominant and submissive roll play is part of BDSM

Explore Your Inner Submissive Moodtime

If you are a boss, manager, or used to being in a dominant position in life bossing people around daily, then you need to read this post. Finding balance and letting your inner submissive out is a great wat to explore new areas of yourself and your sex life. We have put four suggestions below on how to get started. Dominant and submissive roll play is part of BDSM.

Role Play

It may feel a bit weird at first when you get into role playing but once you get going on the role playing it is hard to stop, especially if you are an exhibitionist who craves attention. There are so many scenarios where you would be submissive or helpless, with your partner in control. For example, you could be a patient in a hospital bed, with your partner being the doctor, probing and exploring your body. You could also try get into Pup Play, were you are the pup and your partner is your master, whatever your master wants you need to do. Another area very popular at the moment is male Chastity, whereas the submissive you lock up your cock and your partner who is playing the dominant position is the key holder, and they have the power to decide when your cock can be release. If you prefer something light why not try Sex Dice, or Sex Playing Cards? Just roll the dice or pick a card then as the submissive you need to do what it tells you.

Role Play Puppy Play Moodtime

Dirty talk

Using a particular language in the bedroom is a key part of submissive behaviour in a dom / sub relationship. As a sub, you can address your partner with respectful pronouns like “yes sir” or “yes madam”). The dom can use more forceful or degrading talk depending what both partners are into.

Spanking and Impact Play

Erotic or sensual spanking is a type of BDSM sex play in which the dom uses their hands, a whip, paddle, or crop to spank parts of the sub’s body for consensual and mutual sexual pleasure. You can use spanking as foreplay before sexual intercourse or a kinky punishment during submission and domination play. Receiving an erotic spanking can increase blood flow in your groin area and releases pleasurable chemicals in the brain, including endorphins and dopamine, to enhance sexual pleasure.

Spanking and Impact Play

Let Your Lover Dominate

Along with role playing and submission, comes domination. Whether it is you being tied up, or wearing a ball gag, or simply being compelled to obey commands, letting your partner take control can be hot! Shed all your notions that you can control a situation, and let yourself be carried away in the moment. Let someone else make the decisions and accept that you must obey the consequences of those decisions; it is not kind of kinky too.

Take It from a Strap-On

Once you have crossed those thresholds, the next step is to get fucked in the ass by a strap-on. Penetration is allowing your body to be entered and used by another person and is the ultimate kind of submission. When a woman (or man) enters a man, it plays with that border between the homoerotic and the straight eradicating that thin veneer of societal pretention can be a powerful experience. So if this appeals to you ask your lover about it and you may be surprised how many fantasize about giving it to their men! This kind of sexual activity is also known as pegging.

Play the Slave

Beyond domination you can go one step further and make your partner your sex slave. A sex slave is when you have to do whatever your lover commands, even if it is some form of public humiliation, cuckoldry, or whatever. You agree to do whatever your lover commands without complaint. If you want to take sex slavery one step further look into bondage or bed restraints, or put a collar or hand cuffs on your lover. Submission and domination acts require consent from all parties and is best practiced with safe words. You can stop at any time, and you can always leave a situation whenever you like.

Play the Slave Moodtime

Get in the Submissive Mood

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