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Finding The Best Sex Toys Online

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

Where to buy adult toys online in South Africa?

If you are looking to spice things up either solo of with you lover, you have found the best site to buy sex toys online. It used to be the case that if you wanted to buy adult sex products, you would have to sneak into often questionable stores in city centre and likely blush with embarrassment as you perused the wares laid out in dark and dingy shelves.

Thankfully, those days are over. Now you can browse in the privacy of your own home and have your purchases delivered discreetly to your door. Check out the range we offer in our online store where you can buy all your adult toys online and even get yourself some great ideas and deals to take things to the next level.

moodtime dildo

For most if not all activities in life need the right tools and this is especially true for sex. Whether you need to have fun with others or on your own or are just looking for added pleasure and satisfaction then the perfect sex toy can help you intensify that sexual pleasure, reintroduce sexual interest and liven up your bedroom naughty experiences.

When you've seen a sex toy you like here are some details to check

How the adult toy measures up

Check out the size of the sex toy and if it will be a comfortable fit for. You need to understand that the more vital thing is the insertable length and the circumference, beginners should go for something shorter and thinner…. Experts go straight for the giant dong!

moodtime big boy dildo

How the sex toy feels or materials it is made from

An adult toy may be very flexible and soft but look rigid in the product picture. Check out the material specification and whether it is an underwater play-submersible toy. These ones are easy to keep clean.

moodtime anal sex toys

Speed, power and features it offers

Make sure to look at the exact types of vibration available, some are one speed, others are multi-speed or offer different vibration patterns. Also, ensure that you check what type of power supply the toy takes and what batteries are needed for the sex toy. This can also help you determine how powerful a vibration you'll achieve. Some take button batteries, others take AAA batteries or have a built in re-chargeable battery.

magic moodtime AV rechargeable wand

Discretion and accessibility

You don’t need to worry about this, we know how to be discreet. All parcels are shipped very discreetly from our Durban Sex Store.


You need to consider what material will work best for you and your sex toy. The material plays an important role in how you use or care for your toy. If you want something flexible and soft, get a silicone one, TPR or TPE. If you want something firmer, then choose sex toys made from glass, metal and plastic.

vibrators and g spot stimulation

moodtime hearts pink sex toys


If you've made up your mind on the adult toy you'd like to purchase, visit our online store's sex toys section, get in the mood and go wild. So, what's stopping you?

100% Discreet Packaging | Excellent Service | Low Prices | Quality Guaranteed

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