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Get In The Mood For Something Special - Jewelled Butt Plugs

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Jewellery for a Shiny and Elegant Butt Hole

Any anal enthusiast will absolutely love a jewelled plug. There is nothing sexier than your butt hole swallowing the shape of the sleek plug and filling your butt hole to the max. Butt play is for both men and woman. Anal play for men usually means stimulating the prostate area resulting in having an instant more powerful orgasm. For the ladies, anal play has the ability to reach into and stimulate the pelvic floor muscles these are the muscles that contract when they are having an orgasm. As you know the anus is much tighter than the vagina (ever hear of the saying tighter than a ducks ass …. which water tight!!). Since the anus cannot lubricate itself, the journey towards anal gratification can be challenging but once you become a pro it can be extremely fulfilling.

Wearing a transparent jewel anal plug

For awesome anal play everyone should own some great personal lubrication, water based or silicone will do the trick and their own collection of anal plugs. For hot butt fun you have the usual silicone butt plugs, and for a bit more flirting and foreplay an imitation animal tail plug, suck as a frisky fox tail. Other options in your box of tricks would include the anal beads, and a vibrating anal beads and plugs. You have it all, now what? Well, don’t worry there is more.

You can introduce a little sassiness and bling into your butt hole? Get your hand on a hot MoodTime Jewel butt plug. They are discreet to wear under your clothes, but drop your underwear or panties and turn around and a little sparkle will get the attention of your lover. These super-hot and sexy toys will illuminate the brilliance of your hole of love making it more inviting.

Black Silicone Moodtime Jewel Butt Plug

Feel the kings and queens you are with Jewelled Butt Plugs

Fill your butt hole with the best diamond jewelled plugs. When you already have a great collection of all the butt plugs available and looking for something new, it is time to focus on glitz and glamour. Whether you are Gay or Straight a Dom or a Sissy Submissive, there is a jewelled anal plug in our collection waiting for you. These jewelled butt plugs also come in 3 different size choices from small, medium to large. Choose a small beginner's size if you are just starting out, if you are a butt hole assassin then go for the large. We also have them in sets of 3 containing all the different sizes together which is great for anal training.

Jewelled Butt Plugs

Jewellery for your butt!

Our sexy gem jewelled plugs are made from high quality materials such as glass, stainless steel and silicone, to ensure that the plugs that you stick up there are body safe to use. They are all sealed and brand new making them wonderful adult gifts. Another great feature of these is that the material can be warmed up or cooled down, making them great for temperature play.

Wearing a transparent jewel anal plug

There is many options to choose from such at the classic rounded base or a heart-shaped one, or even a rose shape. If you are a bit more adventurous try the one that comes with bells or a leash, making them great for BDSM bedroom fun. The silicone plugs are also a great option for anal virgins, these are softer than the metal ones and are available in purple, black, red, and pink. Since they are softer that are easier to insert.

The gemstones are high-quality faux replicas of gem stones and mimic the bling and shine of the real thing. Go for ruby red, transparent diamond or amethyst and make you butt hole feel and look like a million rand!

That’s right! These are pieces of jewellery for your butt! Once you have inserted the plug into your bum, you can show off to your partner or lover a great looking, shiny and elegant butt hole. This will really turn them on and get them in the mood for something special!

Our jewelled butt plugs offer great quality, comfort & anal satisfaction! Get your jewelled anal plugs now! We have colours for every occasion!

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