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Glass is the Superior Choice for Sex Toys

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

Glass Sex Toys are basically works of art

Moodtime Glass sex toys are basically works of art

If you have ever seen a glass toy I am sure you were enchanted as they are so pretty, basically look like works of art!

Most people don’t even think of glass as a Sex Toy material, but it is, in fact it is actually one of the best materials for sex toys. Think about all the amazing ways you can use a glass toy: temperature play, sensual massages, they can’t get ruined by different types of lube, they hygienic and are super easy to clean, and best of all they are completely safe to use even if you have allergies to other materials commonly found in sex toys. They are so pretty, it is kind of difficult to not put them on display.

While Glass Sex Toys have been around a while now, they are certainly less mainstream than their silicone and TPU counterparts, however this is changing and at Moodtime Online we do stock and supplier a wonderful range of glass sex toys in South Africa, so look no further.

Moodtime reasons for using glass sex toys

Here are some of my top reasons for using glass sex toys:

Hygiene and ease of cleaning and sanitising

Unlike other commonly used materials like silicone or TPU, glass is 100% non-porous so it won’t harbour any nasty bacteria that might get picked up during or between uses. This makes glass really easy to clean. Simply rinse your Glass Massager wand or egg under hot or boiling water, with some body safe soap (like Dettol antibacterial hand wash). Then pop it back in its storage pouch for safekeeping it is just that easy.

Compatibility with all different lubricants

Glass toys can be safely used with all types of Lubricants, oil based, water based, or silicone-based as well as unofficial lubes like coconut oil. This is by way of contrast with silicone toys, which will break down if used with silicone lubricants. The other big advantage to glass when it comes to lube is that the non-porous nature of glass means the wand will not absorb any lube, so it will remain slick from longer.

Temperature Play with Glass Sex Toys

The environmentally friendly choice

When it comes to sex toys, glass toys are a far more environmentally friendly option than most alternatives. Silicone and plastic Sex Toys, for example typically end up in landfill along with the batteries used to power them.

Temperature Play with Glass Sex Toys

This one is less obvious but once you discover it you will be amazed, but can be loads of fun! Glass Sex Toys can be heated or cooled prior to use to experiment with the sensory effects of hot or cold glass on your body and sensitive bits.

Pleasure of glass Glass Toys

Pleasure of Glass Glass Toys

Glass wands are much better at providing deeper sensitivity, pleasure and orgasmic potential. Since they are firm and can apply pressure they do a much better job at stimulating the g-spot in women and the p-spot in me than a penis or finger does. Glass Dildos do much better job than silicone at providing this same level of firm pressure, which is a match made in heaven for your g-spot and p-spot.

Aesthetics of Glass Sex Toys

Glass is smooth, luxurious, classy and sophisticated and at time these Glass Sex Toys are basically works of art...... are some of our favorites:

This classy handmade textured glass dildo wand is so pretty it looks like a piece of art on the bedside table. Each one differs slighty in colouration and pattern as they are hand made. The toys is made of smooth glass for easy operation and is easy to clean. This toy can be used for masturbation and also anal fun. The glass crystal penis can be soaked in water to warm-up or cool down then this masturbation stick for amazing temperature play. With superior glass material, can be soaked in the hot water to light the flame of your passion.

Beautiful Crystal Pyrex Glass Blue Swirl Massager Wand which handmade so each one differs slighty in colouration and pattern making it unique. The material is pyrex glass which is hygenic and body safe. This massger is 19cm by 3.1cm. Smooth glass for easy operation and easy to clean, for masturbation and also anal fun. The glass penis can be soaked in water to warm-up or cool down this masturbation stick for temperature play. Package: 1 x Glass wand sealed in a bag and velvet storage pouch.

Add a dash of glamour to your anal play. The jeweled glass butt plug comes in 3 different sizes of gorgeous jeweled glass butt plug with a pink end shaped like a jewel. The round base of these toys keeps the plug in place, ensuring safe and fun anal play. These glass butt plugs are handmade clear glass butt plug & pink jewel. To start your plugging adventure, you need to lube up the anal plug and your puckered hole as well. Gently push the plugs tapered tip until it sits in your anus. Feel its weight in your love bum as it fills your hole up, or twist it inside for added pleasure.

Have some hot and sexy anal fun in the dark with this incomparably cool glow in the dark glass butt plug. These butt plugs come in 3 different sizes that will help you explore your butt hole tolerance. This anal plug lights up stunningly in the dark, giving your ass a little spark as you play (remember to expose it to bright light before turning off the lights). This anal plug is sleek and smooth, all thanks to its glass base material. Use this plug with plenty of lube and focus on the erotic feeling of having this glass butt plug fill your ass.

Beautiful Double Headed Glass Massager with Swirls and Dots. Do you like your dildo ribbed or dotted well get both with this curved beautiful double headed glass massager. The first half has a swirling strip protruding around the phallus while the other half is heavily dotted for your sexual pleasure. These areas come in either transparent, red or blue. This dildo's shaft is also curved so it can follow the natural shape of your orifice and reach your sweet spots seamlessly. This glass toy can also be heated or cooled for temperature play and is completely body safe.

This is just a select few of the Glass Sex Toys we have available

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