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How to Build a Sex Room

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

Pleasure rooms for kinky people

How To Build a Sex Room | Official Trailer | Netflix

Netflix has released a new series called “How To Build A Sex Room” The show is hosted by interior decorator Melanie Rose. She is an interior designer who also designs sex rooms for clients. When you hear Sex Room we are sure you are thinking of some dark ‘sex dungeon’, but you will be surprized.

Her designs are in fact bright, inviting and intended to bring back intimacy and are based on each client’s interest’s desired sexual preferences and fantasies. She also likes to introduce her bag of Sex Toys or as she calls it, her bag of tricks and also takes her clients to various lessons to help them find or refine their fantasies. Melanie Rose home renovations focus on Sex Toys, spanking benches and love swings. All the while she gently urges couples to explore themselves with surprisingly heart-warming results.

We love this new Netflix show and certainly recommend it to all Sex Toy enthusiasts and couples looking to create and intimate sex room. You would never suspect that a home makeover show could involve so many Butt Plugs! But what is awesome about this show is it is not explicit, as such, though it does offer frankness about desire and expectation with some great sense of humour here and there.

The show highlights the importance of talking and communication and allowing people to discover who they and their partner/s are, and what they really want. She transforms basements, spare rooms and bedrooms into kinky spaces filled with Sex Toys and fetish devices.

If you are considering creating a pleasure room or kinky dungeon with Sex Toys and bondage devices this Netflix home makeover series is for you. You don’t need a whole room renovation to make your own secret space for sex – just some sex toys and bondage gear can do the trick!

Bondage and Fetishes

Many of the items brought onto the show are some simple BDSM adult toys such as whips, floggers, paddles, handcuffs and blindfolds. We stock an amazing range of these adult toys and they are an inexpensive way to get into new fantasies and sexual kinks. We also have a variety of sensation play toys such as metal pinwheels, candles, and electric stimulation toys. Collars are also great way to step into role play or humiliation-play.

Bondage and Fetishes sex toys

Restraints and Positioners

For those a little more advanced or adventurous in BDSM, restraints are a great addition that can easily just be hidden right under your mattress (if you need to of course). Restraints range from handcuffs and bondage tape to over-the-door and bed restraints. We also have soft rope if you are interested in exploring the art of Shibari rope bondage by tying your partner up.

Bed restraint bondage couples toy

Sex Toys and Adult Goodies

From basic bullet vibrators to remote control premium rabbit thrusters we have them all. Even if you just add a single Adult Toy to the mix, it can truly change the way you have intimate moments with your partner. There are so many options and varieties to choose from, for example wand vibrators are perfect for sharing because they are truly gender neutral and can be used all over the body. Whatever Sex Toy you want to introduce is up to you and your partner and Moodtime Online has a huge range to choose from.

Moodtime Online huge range of sex toys

If you are looking to create a Sex Room, we can get your sex room up and running in no time!

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