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How to Choose the Best Chastity Cage

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

Male chastity cranks up the suspension and heightens stimulation

Cock In cage male chastity from moodtime

When you’re looking for male BDSM toys, then nothing beats a chastity cage or cock cage. It cranks up the suspension and heightens stimulation. Here are some important aspects of chastity to remember and pay attention too. Since a cock cage is normally worn for an extended period of time it is good to make sure you get the best chastity cage suitable for your use.

Man in office wearing transparent cock cage

Size of you chastity cage

One of the first things you should keep in mind when buying a male chastity cage is the size. It’s specifically the size of the chamber or cock cage that’s important. The longer the cage is, the less extreme the toy is. A longer chamber is, therefore better for less experienced users or users with larger flaccid penis lengths. If you’re looking for something more extreme, then a shorter chamber length is preferred. A shorted chamber restricts your penis even more.

Selection of moodtime male chastity cages

Stimulation from the cock cage on the penis and balls

There are multiple different things that can increase the stimulation that a chastity cage provides, such as its material, size and weight. Not all of these are due to features, so looking for a model that suits you when it comes to stimulation is always preferred.

moodtime metal male chastity cock cages

Extra features the chastity cage offers

There are many extra features that male chastity cages can offer. Some of the most common ones are electro stimulation or shock stimulation and urethral inserts some may also come with vibration functions. Electro stimulation of the penis offers more control and forces more submission.

Electronic Pulse Stimulator Penis Chastity Cage | moodTime

Ease of use of the chastity cage

This is a very important one for less experienced or beginner users. Getting models with urethral inserts and electro stimulation right off the bat may sound like a great plan, but it can be a challenge to get it all working in conjunction with one another, you need to ease into these things so we suggest starting basic then move up as you gain knowledge and experience. Keep this in mind when making your purchasing decision.

Built In Lock Male Chastity Device | moodTime

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