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How To Clean Sex Toys?

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

Cleaning sex toys is important

Many people often ignore the cleaning and maintenance of sex toys, after all who has the energy to clean their toys after an orgasmic session. A big mistake is to just quickly washing them with water and nothing else.

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All Sex Toys need to be cleaned before and after use, imagine you are in the mood and you pull your toy out your bedside draw only to find it mouldy or full of fluff and dirt, there goes the moment. Not only this, but dirt can also damage your toy.

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The cleaning of sex toys can be divided into two parts, cleaning and disinfecting. Cleaning only cleans the surface, but in order to kill any bacteria you need disinfecting as well.

The cheapest and easiest options are normally the best options, and in this case it is true. Use gentle shower gel or gentle anti-bacterial liquid soap to wash your Sex Toy, use your hands to clean them and then rinse with warm water. To disinfect your sex toys, get some hygiene hand soap such as Dettol Liquid soap which is very safe to use, wash and rinse thoroughly.

It is very important to ensure that all Sex Toys are completely clean, sterile and sanitized before and after every use. You can use antibacterial soap, sex toy cleaner and also boil silicone, glass or metal toys to make sure that they are 100% sterile. Many people also forget, before using your clean sex toy also make sure your body and hands are clean. There is no point making your toy squeaky clean only to handle it with dirty hands before use.

To dry your Sex Toy, do not use general paper towel, rather use a clean towel or kitchen paper to dry it off or you can just let them drip dry. Once dry before you put your sex toys away though, make sure your toys are properly individually covered to protect them from dust, dirt and reactions with other materials. The best method for storing sex toys is place each toy in its own material bag, or a sock will also do. Take care of your Batteries and cords, too and lastly never leave batteries in your sex toys this prevent them leaking and damaging your precious adult toy.

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