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How to Have Good Shower Sex

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

Try new places to have sex

Shower Sex Legs and Feet

Hot shower sex is one of those things that turns many people on and makes you horny when you fantasize about it but sometimes it leaves you cold when you try it, but this doesn’t have to be that way. Instead of trying to recreate something you saw in a porn movie, find what works for you and your partner. So let go of the expectation of what shower sex should be (what you saw in that porn movie, is staged so don’t aim for that) and enjoy what it can be with just a few tips. You and your partner will steam things up in no time.

Couple in shower having sex

Keep it Simple and have fun

We’re not suggesting you lower your expectations or standards, but keeping your shower sex simple goes a long way to having a better time, so start off slow. Let it rather be wet and soaped up foreplay for what you do in the bedroom later. Enjoy some shower-soaked oral sex on your knees. Bend your partner over and penetrate them vaginally or anally in whatever way they love best. Play with waterproof sex toys for added pleasure. All of these things are great options for shower sex. Avoid any sexual acrobatics and trying to do everything at once, last thing you need to to get injured.

Remember, you’re in the shower with running water and soap. Once things get a bit wet, wild and slippery (no pun intended), it’s hard to maintain your balance. You don’t want a major slip and fall to ruin the mood. Taking shower is revitalizing and relaxing, but when you do it together it means a lot of fun too. Hugging, making out and sharing your love in the shower will give you and your partner absolutely new feelings and sensations and all the thrills both of you could ever imagine. There are some fun positions that promise to bring you world-rocking sexual pleasure, as well as some sex toys that help to make your love session unforgettable. Shower sex in the morning will really make your day. A fantastic mood is guaranteed.

Sexy man in shower

Grab the Lube

Shower sex is fun but there’s another hazard beyond slipping — drying up. It sounds strange, considering how much water is involved, but the body’s natural lubricants will get washed away. You’re going to need lubricant to keep the friction down and pleasure up. The lube you use depends on how you’re playing. For shower sex when possible, choose a silicone lubricant because it won’t wash away as easily. You may not need to re-apply it at all or very little. But if you’re using a sex toy that requires water-based lubricant, choose that instead. Just remember that you’ll have to add more lube once you get busy because it washes away just as easily as your own fluids do.

Play Safe

We keep mentioning slipping because it’s a real concern during shower sex. Before you grab your partner and drag them to the bathroom consider how you’ll both stay safe. You may want to take a bath together (if the tub is big enough) and stay off your feet. Maybe you can get each other warmed up in the shower but move to the bedroom for the real action. But if down and dirty shower sex is what you’re going for, make sure you and your partner can easily brace yourself and stay in position.

Shower Sex Couple

Bring the Right Sex Toys

Not all sex has to involve penis in vagina sex. At moodTime we are all about the Sex toys, they are perfect for shower sex as long as you bring the right ones. Anything without a motor or set of batteries should be fine. Your dildo, anal plug, or manual prostate massager can be a great way to get off in the shower — alone or with a partner. Sex toys and Dildo’s with a suction cup base are the best choice for shower sex, suction them and the wall and pleasure yourself or why not be adventurous and try some kinky double penetration. Before you bring your vibrator or any sex toy that buzzes, make sure it’s waterproof. Be careful with water-resistant products as they usually can’t be submerged in water. Some toys are fine if they get wet but won’t work as well once they’re underwater. Bring your sex toys with you, but choose wisely.

Waterproof Dildo with Suction Cup For Shower Sex

Have Fun Trying new positions!

We tend to put a lot of pressure on ourselves when we have sex, especially if we do something new or adventurous. Hopefully, your shower sex experience is everything you want it to be and rivals porn for its hotness factor. But even if it doesn’t go according to plan, the important thing is to have fun with it. When all else fails, get out of the shower and get busy on dry land instead.


Good shower sex is like any other kind of sex. Do what feels good and make sure your partner has a good time, too. Use whatever sex toys and enhancements you need and enjoy the moment. Beyond that, nothing else matters.

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