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How to Urethral Play Safely

Urethral Adult Toys - Safe Sounding

Urethral Adult Toys - Safe Sounding

For most the thought of inserting things into the urethra is at first quite intimidating, your initial reaction will probably be one of slight recoil. The first thing that comes to mind is surely putting things in your pee hole is going to be painful? Let’s be clear upfront, urethral play can be painful if you are doing it incorrectly so by taking time and care, and following guidelines on how to use your urethral sex toys, you shouldn’t feel and pain.

Urethral Play or Sounding is part of BDSM

While some people like pain and there is nothing wrong with that if you are the kind of person who enjoys this, it is however very important to pay even more attention to your body though when engaging in urethral play. Remember most of the time when you feel pain, it is the body’s natural way of telling you something is wrong. Especially with urethral play, until you know your limits we recommend performing your urethral play in a pain-free way, so you can get used to the feelings and experience. Once you know what you are doing, you will be able to explore the painful part of play in a much safer way if that’s what you want to do.

Urethral Sex Toy Size

Urethral Sex Toy Size

Firstly one of the most important aspects of urethral play is the size of your urethral sex toy. Sounds and penis plugs come in many different lengths and diameters so that they can reach deeper into the body but for the most part starting out you should be focusing on the diameter of the sex toy. In general, the deeper a sound goes into the urethra, the less comfortable it will be. It might not necessarily be painful but to get the best starting out experience it is usually a good idea to start with shorter ones and move onto longer ones once you become more accustomed to the feelings they bring.

When it comes to diameter, the thicker an Urethral sex toy is the more intense the feelings are going to be. It is never recommended for beginners to use large diameter toys and even more experienced users should work up to them gradually, the idea here is to gradually stretch the urethra. Going too girthy too quickly will not just stretch the skin and it will be painful and potentially dangerous. Take your time and start with a short thin urethral sex toy and there should not be any problems.

Texture of your Urethral Sex Toy

Texture of your Urethral Sex Toy

While a lot of urethral toys will be completely smooth, some are not. These textured toys will help to produce different sensations as you insert and wear them. We recommend leaving textured toys until you are experienced or at least to the sensations of having something inserted.

Vibrating Urethral Sex Toy

Inserting Urethral Adult Toys Comfortably

Another big factor in whether or not your urethral toys will be painful is how you insert them. The most importance thing here is lubrication, lubrication, lubrication! The urethra does produce a small amount of lubrication to protect itself from urinal bacteria, but this is nowhere near enough for insertion. You need to use good quality lube before you go putting anything inside your urethra.

When it comes to insertion, the most important thing is that you need to be relaxed as sometimes it might take quite a while to get the toy in as you need to take it slowly, you should never force the toy in if it gets stuck. Place the toy in the urethral opening and should mostly it should slide in on its own with very little pushing from you. If it does become a little stuck then you may need to apply more lube before continuing. While you are inserting the sound if it feels very tight and uncomfortable then it is probably too large for you so it is usually a good idea to stop and try a smaller size.

When you are first learning to use urethral sex toys you should not be obsessing over depth. The main thing you are trying to accomplish is learning to put them in comfortably and safely. If you only get it a few centimetres in, there is nothing wrong with that. You might be able to move a little deeper next time. Deeper penetration is only advised for advanced users who are used to how urethral play feels. You need to be completely comfortable with the sensations and feelings before you start trying to go further.

Inserting Urethral Adult Toys Comfortably

Important Urethral Play Safety Warnings

It is worth bearing in mind that after play sessions you may still feel a little discomfort this is normal even if you take your time and are comfortable during the session.

  • If you feel discomfort after a session, be sure to wait until the pain has completely cleared up before you have another session.

  • Never insert random objects into your urethra! Urethral toys are especially purpose designed as the urethra is an incredibly delicate area and damage to the pipes can cause you a lot of urinary problems.

  • Only use quality sterile lube and when lubricating your sex toys, be sure to cover more than just the tip, as some of the lube will be lost during insertion.

  • Some urethral sex toys can be inserted while the penis is erect, and some can only be inserted while flaccid so check if there is any description or write up on the toy before first using it.

  • Always thoroughly clean all your toys before and after use, if they are not completely sterile then you run the risk of urinary tract infections.

  • If at any point in a play session you feel sharp pains, prolonged pain, cramps or any other unusual symptoms stop immediately.

Plug & Urethral Play with Moodtime

As long as you follow the above advice, take care and prepare well for your urethral play, you should not have any problems. This leaves you free to enjoy all the intense and pleasurable sensations your urethra can provide.

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