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MoodTime Best Sex Toys For Men

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

Penis, Anal, Scrotal and Perineal Pleasure

MoodTime Sex Toys For Men

The world of sex toys has long been dominated by women and the sex toys specifically designed for women. Happily, though, high-quality sex toys for men are starting to come on the market and the male sex toy market is growing at a very rapid rate with more men realizing the benefits and pleasure that sex toys can bring, ladies your secret is now out. So men you can use these toys solo or with a partner to add a little variety and excitement to your sex life.

While many of these adult toys are focused on penis pleasure alone, there are also now wide selections of sex toys that provide anal, scrotal, and perineal pleasure as well.

MoodTime Masturbation Sleeve, Fleshligh, Pocket Pussy

Masturbation Sleeves

Masturbation sleeves are designed to be penetrated by the penis, offering the normal thrusting mechanics of sex. Most of them are uniquely textured to create wonderful sensations on the head and shaft of the penis. Masturbation sleeves are usually quite soft so they can easily stretch around any sized penis and provide a nice amount of friction with a tight feeling around the penis.

Tenga Egg Male Mastubator | moodTime

The sports car of masturbation sleeves is the Fleshlight. The Fleshlight sex toy for men is a combination of an attractively shaped orifice such as lips, anus or pussy plus a textured inner sleeve, encased in a hard-plastic tube. The standard style of fleshlight also provides an adjustable valve to provide the desired amount of suction, or there is a small air hole at the top which you can cover with your finger giving a strong sucking feeling. We also like the pocket pussy masturbation cups. These sex toys for men also make great gifts ;)

Pocket Pussies are usually smaller than the fleshlight, making them much easier to discreetly carry. Like their name, these sex toys for men are usually shaped like a pussy but also do come in anus and mouth styles. Tenga Eggs are also an excellent masturbator. It is a highly stretchy sleeve designed to be gently stretched over the penis and used for masturbation. As with all sex toys, it’s a good idea to read all the directions before use. Some sleeve materials are incompatible with certain lubes, so we recommend using water based personal lubricant which is safe with all sex toys.

MoodTime Anal Sex Toys

Anal Toys

Anal toys are usually penetrative toys that have special design elements making them perfect for anal pleasure giving the most anal stimulation possible. Some anal toys are specifically designed for men allowing them to focus on prostate stimulation, this is also known as the male P Spot. The most common anal toy is the standard butt plug. Butt plugs come in a range of sizes and materials, but they have one important thing in common a flared base. The flared base is what keeps the butt plug safely in place. Butt plugs can be fun to wear alone, or can add sensation during sex or masturbation. Wearing a butt plug before anal sex is a great way to relax the anus making anal sex more pleasurable and fun.

Butt plugs put pressure on the anal sphincter muscles and sometimes on the prostate. Many men enjoy the sensation of easing it inside, or just using the tip to provide a gentle massage on the outer anal sphincter. Others enjoy placing it inside and then gently tugging it to massage the inner anal sphincter. Others offer vibration which adds an extra dimension of pleasure especially if used during sexual intercourse or masturbation.

MoodTime Textured and Vibrating Anal Butt Plug

Some butt plugs, like the Prostate massagers, come with a prominent curve specifically designed for prostate stimulation. Anal beads are spheres of increasing size on a cord. The beads are placed inside the anus one at a time, and then slowly withdrawn. Dildos can be great for anal stimulation as well. The important thing is to find a dildo that has a long, easy-to-grip handle, and/or a flared base.

MoodTime Vibrating Sex Toys


Men, vibrators aren’t just for clits! Many men find vibration incredibly pleasurable. The best kind of vibrator sex toy for men is the Magic Wand. The large head provides deep, steady vibrations that can feel great on the penis, perineum or anus. The Magic Wand also sells attachments designed to provide special stimulation for the penis or to insert into the anus. Some vibrators are made especially for penises. This style is designed to go on just the head of the penis, and can be used in addition to other forms of stimulation.

MoodTime Cock Rings Penis Rings

Cock Rings

Cock rings are versatile accessories that can be worn during sex, masturbation, or just for fun. This sex toy circles around the base of the penis and underneath the scrotum, helping to sustain erections and putting pressure on the erectile tissue nearest to the body. Some cock rings come with bullet vibrators or extra attachments to stimulate the taint or put weight on the scrotum.

Final Thoughts on Sex Toys for Men

As with any new sex act, it’s a good idea to start slow and pay attention to your body as you enjoy the new stimulation. Give yourself time to ease into the sensation and explore the various ways to use the toy. Some sex toys for men are more easily used with two hands. If you’ll be combining toy use with porn or partnered play, make sure you’re in a comfortable position before getting in “too deep” so you don’t have to make too many adjustments. Visit MoodTime Online now for all your sex toy need.

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