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Orgasm Denial, Ways to Play

Edging or Orgasm Denial Sex Games

Edging or Orgasm Denial Sex Games

If you have not yet heard of edging or orgasm denial, this is the process of denying yourself the sexual release of orgasm. You might be wondering why on earth someone would ever deny themselves or their lover this ultimate explosion of pleasure. After all that is what makes sex so exciting, don’t worry edging or orgasm denial is only temporary.

There are infinite ways that we can explore our limits and boundaries, and new ways to play together, or solo. That is what kink lovers do! Some may edge or deny orgasm for several hours; some may do it for week. Rest assured however when you do decide to orgasm the tension of the wait and sexual frustration will cause you to have the best explosion of pleasure you have ever experienced.

Orgasm Denial Kink

What Is Orgasm Denial?

The term explains itself; you are denying yourself an orgasm, during masturbation or with a partner. This kink is all about being in control of when or if you or your lover is allowed to cum. Edging is a technique used to describe being brought to the edge of orgasm and then pulling back or being denied from climaxing. Edging is very often enjoyed by men, prolonging masturbation and the sensations that come with it, part of the pleasure is also keeping you in a heightened state of being horny.

Some kinky couples use complete orgasm denial along with chastity play. Others will tease, titillate and stroke a partner to prolong things as a way to make an orgasm more explosive. The other side of this coin is the practice of forced orgasms. Briefly speaking an example of this would be in BDSM where your partner is restrained and you masturbate them you use a sex toy to force them to cum while not being in control.

Orgasm denial might also be something a Dom uses to punish their submissive by letting them edge as close to orgasm as possible before cutting the play off completely. There are many ways to play with orgasm torture and denial! Read on as we explore this further and what sex play you can follow to get into this kink.

Orgasm Denial Sex Games

8 Orgasm Denial Sex Games To Try

1. Chastity and Porn Play

This is an awesome solo orgasm denial play and it can also be adjusted for couples too. Try watching hot or kinky porn scenes, something that gets you turned on the most. But remember keep your hands away from your junk as long as possible, even when your cock stands to attention and starts to drip its pre-cum don’t give in the key here is to deny as long as possible. For couples you can tie your lover up with some cotton rope and force them to watch, deciding how much attention they will get.

Chastity and Porn Play

2. Oral Only Play

Oral sex is often used as foreplay, but when you know it is the only adult play on the table, it changes the game. Every lick or suck or nibble can be devastatingly delicious when you are on the edge of coming. If you are afraid you will not be able to handle not touching yourself, then your partner might have to tie you up or vice versa.

Oral Only Sex Play

3. Timed Release Play

Here you watch the time, get out your stopwatch, smartphone or kitchen timer, and let the sex games begin. You might tell your partner that they are only allowed to come when the timer goes off, that might be fifteen minutes, a half hour, one hour, or maybe two. Here you are in control; you decide the time your partner needs to wait. This sex game adds an expectation and builds a particular kind of sexual tension, especially if you set an orgasm deadline, if they do not come at the prescribed time, they are then denied completely.

4. Rewards Program

For 24-hour dominant / submissive couples you may want to start a gold-star system that only rewards an orgasm when your lover has received a certain number of stars on the scoreboard. What the sub receives gold stars for is up to the dom. It could be anything from housework to errands to performance to obedience. Subservient behaviour may also result in the loss of stars.

Rewards Program - Sex Rewards

5. Stop and Go Sex Play

Allow your partner only to touch themselves when given a special command and when you see them inching closer to orgasm, call out the stop command; this can go on for as long as you want.

6. Bondage and Sensory Play

This area of play would follow BDSM principles; you are really in charge when you have a lover bound or restrained. Add a blindfold and sensation play, and orgasm denial is just waiting to happen! The anticipation goes through the roof when they do not know what or when you are about to give them the attention they increasingly crave. They may beg and plead for more, but pulling back every time they get close to climax will be rewarding if and when you allow them to get there. When it comes to this type of play, cotton rope, sex tape, bed restraints, blindfolds and ticklers are a must.

Bondage and Sensory Sex Play

7. Roll the Dice

If you are new to orgasm denial, start with this one as it is easy and takes the decision out of your hands. Roll the sex die and whatever number comes up will be the amount of times that you or your partner will be edged before they are allowed to cum. Or if you want to be more daring get a sex dice, these dice offer various sex activities on only one or the rolled options allows for orgasm, if you do not land on this option then do the activity such as kissing or sucking but you are not allowed to orgasm.

 Roll the Sex Dice

8. Cock and Ball Torture Infused Edging

If your partner is the dom in the relationship, they will likely deny your orgasm with a little slap or squeeze of your cock while edging for good measure. Only bad boys cum too soon or not when they are told to. If you do cum without permission, there may be some cock and ball torture waiting as punishment. Who knows, your lover may put your cock in a chastity cage for a time so you cannot sneak a session when they are not looking.

Cock and Ball Torture Infused Edging

So which orgasm denial game are you going to try first?

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