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Pup Play Latest Sexual Kink

Updated: Apr 2, 2022

Puppy Role Play Fetish Sex Toys South Africa

Pup Play Latest Sexual Kink

One of the latest sexual kinks at the moment and also trending on social media is to dress up as puppies for play and to get off. So what is this new craze all about?

Some guys (and girls) feel like they turn into an animal when they have sex. The new BDSM bondage craze is to dress up as an animal when they do it. Puppy play (also known as pup play) is a form of consensual, adult role play and it is particularly popular in the gay leather and bondage community, where guys dress up and embody the characteristics of a frisky dog. These pups wear a Dog Mask or Hood with other accessories such as a Tail, usually in the form of a butt plug, collars, harnessed and armbands.

But these pups are not strays! They typically have an owner, also called their master, the main sexual fetish being fulfilled here is the don sub relationship where the pup does what the master want. The owner may walk their pup on a leash, pet them, and shower them with love, just like they would a real dog. But unlike with real dogs, the owner may also have sex with their pup. Some guys simply get a lot of satisfaction out of being dressed up and treated like a dog.

What is the appeal of puppy play?

There is very often a dominant / submissive dynamic that goes along with pup play, even though the relationship is playful. This relationship can be between lovers in person or via social media where the player dresses up as a puppy and gets commands from their followers.

Most puppy play fetish players say they love the release of inhibitions that they get out of pup play. It is a way to escape any problems and just have fun. Pups physically get down on all fours and interact with each other or their masters like pups. They lick, nuzzle, and tackle each other, often with no verbal communication other than puppy noises. Most are drawn to this pup play fetish for sex. Wearing a mast makes it seem anonymous, both in person or on social media. The animalistic and anonymous aspect of masturbating or fucking can be a huge turn-on. Pup players are aroused by the fact that people do not know what they look like while wearing a pup mask.

In the gay community, pup play is often a subset within the leather or bondage scenes since you wear a mask, harness and collar as a pup. The love for pup play often goes beyond just desire for sex, transforming into a puppy is also about escaping human life. It is unrestrained and not bound by the rules of heteronormativity that comes from living in a straight dominated culture. It is also a way to connect with other gay men on a more primal level.

How common is the pup play kink?

This fetish kink is relatively new so we don’t really know how common pup play is but what we do know is we are selling many puppy hoods. It is very important for us to note that pup play is completely unrelated to zoophilia—a sexual interest in animals. It is not about an attraction to animals it is about a wanting to take on different roles and temporarily escape reality.

Who practices puppy play kink?

The limited research that does exists on the pup play fetish has mostly focused on gay and bisexual men however it is not necessarily limited to people of any one gender or sexual orientation. There are also straight men who are into it as well as a few women who also participate in pup play usually take on the role of the handler. This does not mean that women can’t be into the pup role, but it does seem to be more common among men, this is also supported by the customers who we have sold too.

How can you explore pup play?

If you are a gay or bisexual man, you can attend any gay leather event of adult fetish club. There will be plenty of men there who are into pup play, you can also buy all you masks and pup gear from us online. There is also a huge social networking that caters to folks interested in BDSM and other fetishes and kinks so it is also very easy to find another pup or handler on it. Connect on social media with other men who openly talk about pup play and share pictures of themselves dressed as pups. This would be another fun way to get more involved in the community and find other like-minded pups.

BDSM puppy play kink

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