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Sex toys can be an exciting way to enhance your sex life

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

5 Ways to Enhance Your Sex Life with Adult Toys

Whether using adult toys solo or with a partner, the use of sex toys will always help to add a little extra spice to your sex life. Some people choose to only use their sex toys when they are alone, some like to use sex toys on a partner or lover and many like to use their sex toys on themselves with their partner present. Many people use sex toys to enhance intimate relationships and foreplay, which leads to much more fulfilling sex.

Moodtime Sex toys to enhance your sex life

5 Ways Sex Toys Can Help with Your Sex Life

So, how can adult toys help with your sex life? There are plenty of ways in which these sexy adult products can help to enhance and spice up your sexual activities. Here are the top 5.

1. Releasing sexual inhibitions

Many couples harbour inhibitions relating to sex which can make it difficult to speak about sex or do the things they really want when it comes to intimacy with their partner. When you have a range of sex toys on hand, it does makes it much easier to release these sexual inhibitions as you explore each others bodies with the various products.

2. Increased sexual excitement

If you or your partner decide to introduce sex toys into your love making antics, you will find that you are far more excited about what is going to happen when you get together and there will be far more anticipation. This can create electricity between you, which can give rise to increased passion and more powerful and satisfying orgasms.

3. Improved sexual stimulation

The use of adult toys means that both you are your partner will be able to stimulate one another more when it comes to your sex life. Sex toys are purpose designed for sexual stimulation. This means that you will enjoy a far better sexual experience and you can use products designed to stimulate him, her, and for mutual stimulation.

4. Adding some fun

Too many couples start to view sex as a chore rather than something that is fun and exciting. By adding adult toys to the proceedings, you can inject some much-needed fun into your sex life. This can make a big impact in terms of boosting and enhancing your sex life.

5. Greater satisfaction levels

Each partner wants to feel satisfied when it comes to sex, and the use of adult toys is something that can make this much easier. With the wide variety of toys you can choose from, increasing satisfaction levels for each partner becomes much easier and far more achievable.

Mini Vibrating Bullets - Moodtime Sex Toys

When choosing an adult toy shop together

Look at the different adult toys together with your partner and decide what both of you are comfortable with using. Do you want a sex toy for mutual masturbation, or one that you can use as a couple? Communicate with each other and this will help you choose the toy that will best enhance your lovemaking and bring you the most mutual satisfaction.

When deciding what toys will be right for you it is also important to know what features you want a your toys to have, would you prefer strong or mild sensations, soft pulsations or deep and fast vibrations. 

If you need more than just clitoral stimulation, there are plenty of toys that provide clitoral and vaginal pleasure. The rabbit type vibrators are some of the most popular, vibrators curved to reach the front wall of the vagina are designed for G-spot stimulation, and butt plugs - well at moodTime we have them all, everybody has a sexy secret.

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