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Temperature Play Chill or Heat It Up This Summer Up

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

Temperature Play with your favourite sex toys!

Temperature Play with your favourite sex toys!

Turn up the heat or chill out and feel the chill by exploring temperature play sex! This sensational kink can introduce you to a whole new range of sexual sensations and for even added pleasure you can incorporate your favourite sex toys!

So What Is Temperature Play?

Temperature play is one of the many different BDSM kinks that couple’s like to explore which makes their sex lives great and that little bit kinkier. So how to get started … well it is very simple just take something hot or cold and apply it to the many sensitive areas of the body.

Fire and Ice, not really

While fire and ice can sound a little dangerous at first, it’s really not as bad as you think, remember opposites attract. For most people, beginners temperature play sex will normally just involve an ice cube, cold water, or BDSM candles. Our bodies are covered in nerve endings letting us feel things and sensations especially the feeling of heat or cold. This sudden sensations enhance sexual pleasure and add a whole new dimension to sex and foreplay

Temperature Play With Moodtime Online - Fire
Temperature Play With Moodtime Online - Ice

How To Temperature Sex Play

The basics for cold temperatures or “ice play”, you literally just ended to rub some ice on your partner’s body. Similarly, for warm temperatures or wax play, you just need to drip candle wax on them, just remember to use a special BDSM candle which melts wax at a lower temperature.

Foreplay With Temperature Play

Take time to explore the different areas of the body and find out what feels nice. If you’re doing it to your partner, you will easily be able to see what has the most impact.

Now for the part we like - Sex Toys!!

The Best Sex Toys For Temperature Play

Using hot and cold objects is one way to explore temperature play and you can take advantage of your favourite sex toys! By heating and cooling your favourite butt plug, dildo or vibrator, you can enjoy entirely different sensations when using them.

Let’s take a look at some of our favourite sex toys perfect for temperature play!

Metal Jewelled Anal Plugs

Metal Jewelled Anal Plugs For Temperature Play

One of the best choices for any kind of temperature play is to use a metal butt plug. We offer stunning Metal Jewelled Plugs. In a variety of sizes, styles and in silver or gold metal. They’re great to look at, both before and after you insert them, who wouldn’t enjoy to bling their bum! But best of all metal will hold temperature better than any other kind of sex toy!

Glass Dildos, Massagers and Crystal Butt Plugs

Glass Dildos, Massagers and Crystal Butt Plugs For Temperature Play

Glass sex toys are also great for temperature play as they retain temperature well. Soak them in warm water to heat them us or ice water to cool them down. Many glass sex toys are decorated with plenty of raised bumps and colours, adding plenty of different sensations while you experiment with different temperatures.

Silicone Anal Beads and plugs

Silicone and TPE adult toys for temperature play sex

While glass and metal are much more common when you think of retaining temperature, you can still take advantage of silicone and TPE products when you explore temperature play!

Staying Safe And Play Safe

There is a few things you should keep in mind to make sure you don’t hurt yourself during temperature play. Avoid very high or extremely low temperatures. Gradually experiment until you find your perfect spot - heat your sex toys gradually. To cool toys rather soak them for several minutes in ice water, don’t just chuck them in the freezer. Always test things first on less sensitive areas to make sure the temperature is not too extreme! A frost bitten pussy or burnt willy will not be fun!

Temperature play with BDSM Sex Candles

Get in the mood, add some temperature play toys to your next shopping basket!

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