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Tenga Eggs The Ultimate Discreet Masturbator for Men

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

Reasons to get yourself a Tenga Egg Masturbator

Tenga Eggs Ultimate Mini Masturbator

Photo by Dainis Graveris

Tenga Eggs are amazing, compact Masturbator Sex Toys for men. They are packaged in plastic egg containers and available in a wide variety of pleasing textures. Read on and discover how fun they can be when incorporating them into your sex life both partnered and solo. There are 6 main styles of Tenga Eggs each has its own internal texture offering a variety of sensations. We will discuss this a little later.

Set Of 6 Egg Masturbators - Moodtime

Top 9 reasons to get yourself a Tenga Egg Masturbator

  • Fun un-intimidating design making them as approachable and ordinary as a condom

  • They are compact making them easy to hide and carry even when traveling

  • A water based lube packet is included inside each egg

  • Wide variety of internal textures each offering an exciting and luxurious sensation

  • Great sex toys to introduce into a relationship for partner sex play

  • Because of the egg shape design they contain the mess when you finish

  • Are inexpensive enough to be treated as disposable so you can get more than one

  • They are reusable and can be carefully washed and used several times

  • A less expensive way to sample so many new sexual sensations in an adult toy

Tenga Male Egg Masturbator

The design of these Egg Masturbators is small, simple, fun and approachable with simple packaging. The packaging and overall design of the Tenga Egg Masturbators make them seem a very non-kinky for a Sex Toy so they make a perfect gift and are also awesome when introducing sex toys into your relationship. When you crack a Tenga Egg open the plastic egg casing you find the part of the egg that actually does all the feel good stuff it is a little rubbery egg shaped item with a hollow end that you stretch over your penis.

The plastic shell of each of the eggs different varieties is wrapped with a graphic representation of the texture and sensation that waits inside the Egg. The wrapper easily breaks away with your fingernail, leaving you with a plain white egg displaying absolutely no branding or markings. The case itself opens and closes just like a plastic Easter egg. So you can store your Masturbator inside the egg case after use. The inner egg is a soft, squishy, super-stretchy shaped pouch which is the part you actually use on your penis to pleasure yourself.

How to use the Egg Masturbator?

Once you have cracked open the egg squeeze some Personal Lube into the entry of the soft pouch and just squish around the outside to make sure the lube spreads around and coats the entire inside. As you put the Tenga Egg on your penis tip, continue to do a bit of twisting to help spread the Lube. You will know when you are good to start moving it up and down the full length of your cock. Due to the compact size and stretchiness, you can do things with the Tenga Eggs that you can’t do with a regular penis stroker or sex toy that has a hard case.

Change movement and pressure points of your hand and fingers to enjoy an even wider variety of exciting sensations by letting the textures do the work. The most natural movement that will intuitively occur to you to try will probably be to just stroke it up and down over your penis using your fist, much like you would if you were Masturbating with your hand but feel free to experiment. Each one has its own textures and sensations so there are many new sensations to discover.

The main ones we stock are the Silky, Wavy, Twister, Spider, Clicker and Stepper Masturbator. They all offer a natural sensation with a little something extra with the right technique get the feeling of a blow Job. But remember they feel unique Jerking like, BJ like, Sex like, just their own amazing and interesting sensation so start discovering some truly new sensations. When you cum the mess is completely contained (if you want it to be).

moodtime 6 pack of masturbators for men

Tenga Eggs can even double as a Female Sex Toy

The eggs can be used to create an exciting and satisfying hand jobs. Depending on the texture, they can make a hand job feel more like oral or even full penetration. The Tenga Egg Masturbator can be turned inside out so that its texture is on the exterior. Stretch it over your fingers, add some lube, and glide it around gently over the clitoris for sensations that can come very close to a skilled tongue. Or insert a small vibe into the inside of the inside-out Egg, or even stretch the inside out Egg over the head of an AV Wand.

Hot guy in underwear ready to masturbate

Tenga Egg Male Masturbators are Reusable

Unless you really go Fast and Furious with your wank and tear the egg they are quite strong and are reusable several times. When done jerking off just wash the Egg Masturbator with some liquid hand soap, dry it, and get several more uses out of it before it eventually breaks.

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