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The Best Foreplay Tips to Spice up Your Sex Life

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

12 tips to get in the mood for the best foreplay sessions

The Best Foreplay Tips to Spice up Your Sex Life

Everyone needs to get in the mood for lovemaking because of this foreplay is not optional it is a must. It should not be something you carry on for a few minutes before rushing into the main event. Is your foreplay becoming boring and repetitive? This is not good news as foreplay is an important aspect of setting the right mood for lovemaking. We want to help you with some great foreplay tips, keep in mind that sex is all about having a fun-filled exciting sexual experience and not a boring one. It is time that you perfect your moves and techniques as the main aspect of foreplay is to tease and bring your partner much closer to orgasm.

Here are the 12 top foreplay tips to get in the mood and achieve the best foreplay sessions.

1. Make good use of grinding

Grinding is a good manoeuvre that sets both of you to work teasing each other and building up the mood. Rather than pouncing straight onto that cock or diving straight into clitoral stimulation or full penetration, try a bit of grinding first. Better known as dry humping, it helps you to set the course for a better sexual experience. Grinding helps you to rouse your pubic area and create heightened sensation. On top of that, it works even when you have your clothes on.

2. Twisting tongue action with gently poking

After grinding on for some time, you need to proceed to the next level of foreplay. Use your tongue to run around the tip of your partner’s nipples in a twisting action then change this action to a tongue poking one, where you use your tongue to poke the nipples. Make sure your partner alternates these actions so as to feel the intense emotions. After performing such action on the nipples, you can move downwards and perform a similar stimulating action to give your partner amazing oral sensations.

Box of forplay sex toys

3. Hold tight and release

Now this is the action that will drive your man wild and crazy. Take some personal lubricate in your hand and gently grip his penis then release it instead of stroking it up and down, let’s call this catch and release. This is one of those proven techniques and a great way to keep the moment going on and on for a prolonged time. Add a bit of spice to the whole thing by rubbing your thumb in upward and downward motion through the section of skin that runs from the tip of the penis to its shaft. Massage this part gently and slowly while gripping it hard and releasing it at the same time. When you feel that he is about to reach his climax, give a break, and begin all over again. This technique is also called edging where he is just brought to the point just before climax and then stopped; this is a guaranteed way of having a serious and intense ending.

Hold penis tight and release

4. Frequent whispers to your partner’s ears

One of the overlooked areas in foreplay that stimulates sexual feeling is the earlobes and ears. These areas if properly aroused would help to make the situation even more intense. You can produce fresh, intense emotions by stroking and kissing this area. Tickle and rub behind your partner's ears and around their edges. Next, you can run your tongue all the way to the earlobes only to whisper naughty and mischievous thoughts straight to into their ear. Moreover, the warm air from your mouth would make the position more intense and that would drive your partner crazy.

Frequent whispers to your partner’s ears

5. Warm and cool sex play sensations

One of the greatest ways to escalate your foreplay is to enjoy warm and cool sensations at the same time. If you keep an ice cube inside your mouth for a little time and then place your mouth on his penis, your man would get a blowjob that's more amazing than he has experienced before. Also, you can sip any kind of hot drink and perform the manoeuvre. You can try using honey, chocolate, or cream on his hardened penis. Like a lollipop, suck everything off by slowly licking the part. Now, it's your turn to have some fun. Take the ingredients and stack them in your nipples. Tell your partner to gently lick them off and make it clean. Remember that the intensity of the foreplay would be more with slower actions. Keep in mind that rushing onto things would not give the desired effect.

Warm and cool sex play sensations

6. Try something new using sex toys

It is quite easy for you and your partner to hold on and get comfortable with the things you know best. But, it is equally important to make regular additions into the mixture to keep out boredom. Why not engage with a new sex toy, the one that can give you the same kind of enjoyment. By adding adult toys to your foreplay sessions, you can inject some much needed fun into your sex life. This can make a big impact in getting you in the mood, boosting and enhancing your sex life.

Try something new using sex toys

7. Try some adult games

Try an adult game, such as Spin, Sip & Strip drinking game or use sex dice as an adult game intended to heighten the sexual atmosphere and promote foreplay. Instead of numbers, each face on the dice contains the name of a body part, the body part that faces up when the die is rolled must then be given sexual attention, or even more sexy are the sex dice with sexual positions on each face, Roll the dice and make your partners suffer the consequences in this game of chance. Rolling your sex dice will "break the ice and extend foreplay.

Try some adult games sex dice

8. Amazing oral

When you want to tease your man, the only thing you can do is to have great oral sex. However, there is no need to rush in for things to get all over. Tell him to relax while you kneel down to spread the legs to have clear visuals of his thighs. Making good use of your tongue, slowly caress and kiss your partner's inner thighs including the groin area. Make it more intense by blowing the area you have caressed and kissed with the tongue. This action helps to produce a different kind of sensation. Lick and kiss the area over and again and slowly get closer to your man's topmost sensitive area. Apply firm and light pressure on the bottom, thighs, and hips to build a strong sensation. This way, you can allow yourself to engage further. When conducted accurately, you may need to prepare yourself for a vigorous explosion.

9. The mutual feelings

Mutual masturbation is not for all, yet many people are in favour of them. To make situations easy for both of you, try some erotic music with some candles and lingerie so as to make yourself feel and look sexy. Both of you have to be comfortable about that and sitting ideally across from one another. Start by running your hands all over your body. While running your hands from your neck all the way to the ankle, why not give him a sexy cheeky smile. When you are about to touch the most sensitive areas, look him in the eyes and make him understand what you really want. While you are doing these things, it conveys an elevated emotion that would drive him wild with erotic sensations. This is when you need to introduce a clitoral stimulator and a male masturbator to get the most out of this particular moment. The delight of watching each other masturbate is quite awesome.

The mutual feelings of male masturbation
The mutual feelings of female masturbation

10. Play with all your senses

In general, it is believed that when a person is blindfolded, the other senses in the body are heightened. Hence, try something different and unique by blindfolding each other. Then, tease and caress each other's physique with different kinds of things such as ships, features, ice, and many more. Soon you would feel that the sensations are pretty much different and they felt quite amazing. Also, your touch would feel very much different than it used to be. Take a step further and try cooling a vibrator inside a fridge or heating up a dildo. You can feel them wonderful when they are used around your nipples and clitoris. Keep in mind always making good use of the situation and have conducted your experiment together.

Play with all your senses
Play with all your senses sex play

11. Visually stimulate and get aroused

The last one is aimed at your man. We all know that men are visually stimulated and they get arousal quickly. Hence, stripping would drive him nuts. Make sure he can't touch you and all he can do is watch from a distance as you strip down and caress yourself. Watching porn is also an awesome why to become super aroused and ready for action.

Visually stimulate and get aroused

12. Now it’s showtime, CUM to the main event!

Foreplay is something that sets the perfect mood for making intense love. Now that you are in the mood it is time for the main even, penetration! After the amazing session of foreplay we can guarantee you amazing sex and explosive toe curling climax.

amazing sex and explosive toe curling climax

Follow these steps the next time and see what happens

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