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The Best Rabbit Vibrators For Your Pleasure

Updated: Apr 9, 2023

Rabbit Vibes - Double the Pleasure, Double the Fun

Rabbit Vibrator Double the Pleasure

Time for us to talk about our favourite bunny and no we are not talking about the fluffy animal type. We are talking about Rabbit Vibrators. If you are not sure what a rabbit vibrator is or how to use one do not worry we will bring you up to speed. Without further ado, let's hop right in and help you find the best rabbit g-spot vibrator for your preferences and experience level.

What is a Rabbit G-spot Vibrator?

So what are they? The easiest way for us to explain what a Rabbit Vibrator is, is to think of them as a regular vibrator but with a little something extra. And believe us that little something extra can make a huge difference when it comes to the quality and intensity of your orgasms. That little something extra will also catapult this vibe straight to the best vibrator in your collection. Along with the standard vibrator end for normal vaginal penetration, a rabbit vibrator has a second arm for simultaneous clitoral stimulation. This second arm usually has two soft silicone ears on top to give all sorts of fluttering, tickling pleasure to the user. In fact although these are by default called rabbit vibrators this second arm can take many different styles which includes rabbit, dolphin, swan, butterfly or just a rounded attachment, the styles are endless when it comes to this type of vibe. We have a big selection in our Online Store.

Moodtime Rabbit Vibrator Sex Toy

How to Use a Rabbit Vibrator Sex Toy?

Sex Toys are for fun and pleasure so we are not going to limit your options here. There are a few things you should do and know before you jump on in. Firstly you need to power that baby up. Some rabbit vibrators are rechargeable via USB cable while others use normal AAA batteries.

Second you will need to check out the controls and capabilities of the bunny vibrator. While the designs of all rabbit g-spot vibrators are pretty similar, the controls can vary depending on the model and features that it offers. Depending on the model you are interested in check if there are separate controls for the features you desire such as vibrating, rotating and thrusting. How many levels of vibration intensity or speed stimulation are offered? When you know what features it has and how to work your rabbit vibrator correctly, you will be in for a special treat.

As with all Sex Toys it is a good idea to use Personal Lube with your rabbit vibrator. Since most rabbit vibrators are silicone or jelly based make sure that you use water-based lube. Now that this is out of the way get in the mood and have fun with it! You can use your rabbit g-spot vibrator for solo pussy penetration and clitoral stimulation; you can also use it with a partner or on other body parts. If you love nipple stimulation, the rabbit soft clitoral stimulator does an amazing job here too. If you what to be a bit daring try using the main penetration part for a little anal stimulation. You can even use the rabbit vibe while your partner penetrates you, giving you control of your own pleasure.

The Best Rabbit Vibrator styles you can find at MoodTime Online

Now for the good stuff! Get in the mood and check out some of our favourite and bestselling rabbit vibrators to see if any of these toys suit your fancy.

This Rabbit Vibrator has an amazing vibration and rotation massager function, which is essential for finding the G-spot and to reach amazing orgasm. This toy can help you realize your sexual desires. The main shaft is styles with a penis shape end, the side attachment is in the shape of a cute bunny.


This is one of our best selling Rabbit Vibrators. It is smooth, exquisite with an agronomical shape, allowing it to easily be insert into the vagina or anus if you are daring. This offers intense and all around stimulation from the adjustable multi speed vibration and dual motors. Ergonomically designed with bending insertable end to effectively stimulate the G-spot, arousing the most intense orgasms and sexual pleasure. Dual motor design that simultaneously stimulates the clitoris, vagina and G-spot.


This Dolphin Style Vibrator offers vibration and rotation massaging, which is essential for finding the G-spot. It can realize the sexual desire for women. The main shaft has a rounded end, the side attachment is in the shape of a dolphin. This offers multi-speed vibration intensity and rotation.


This hot selling Thrusting Rabbit Vibrator delivers targeted stimulation to your sweet spots, this is a classic with a twist! The vibrator features a realistic penis shaped shaft jam packed with twirling pleasure beads, a bunny clitoral stimulator, and thrusting feel. Yes this one actually thrusts! Dedicated motors power each pleasure point, penis shaped shaft and bunny, so you are always guaranteed lots of power and pleasure. Use separate buttons on the control panel offering multi speeds of internal rotation courtesy of those sexy embedded metal beads and 12 synchronized modes of bunny vibration. You will be able to enjoy shaft rotation for clitoral and g-spot stimulation.


This is a brand new style of the classic rabbit style G Spot Vibrator on the market. This vibrator offers textures on the tip and shaft to provide more pleasure and intense orgasm. It offers a more abstract design but do not let this fool you. This sex toy offers intense and all around stimulation from the adjustable multi speed vibration and dual motor setup.


Jump straight into the rest of our MoodTime selection today

Think these are the only great rabbit vibrators we have to offer? Think again. You will find the perfect rabbit vibrator in our broad Online Selection, plus we have such a big selection of other sex toys and adult products that you will certainly find the perfect adult toy to spice up your bedroom routine. We offer the widest range of Sex Toys in South Africa and all orders are processed and shipped from our office in Durban.

Moodtime Online Vibrators South Africa

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