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The Correct Batteries To Use In Your Sex Toys

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

Not all batteries are made the same

Sex toys are among the very few motorized things left that run on batteries

Remember the old battery advert with the “rabbit running around”? These styles of toys that use batteries have vanished because the world of battery run toys and devices is now in the past, electronic devices rule the marketplace today. Electronic devices love rechargeable batteries, and the majority of normal alkaline batteries are now designed for these electronic devices. This is the main reason that you do not see the words heavy duty on batteries anymore.

Heavy duty batteries were designed to have the voltage and current optimized for motorized items, torches and flashlights. Remember sex toys are motorized toys, so try wherever possible to use heavy duty or the equivalent type batteries. If you are stuck running them on normal alkaline or re-chargeable, remove those batteries as soon as you see the toy starts to slow down losing speed and energy. Your adult toy will thank you for it!

Low grade, cheap or re-chargeable batteries degrade over time so they may work fine in your electronic devices or remote controls but they will very soon start losing the “power” to run motorised manual toys! Sex toys have a weighted motor which caused the vibration and an on/off switch or speed control dial. These adult toys often fall victim of low quality alkaline and high current re-chargeable batteries designed for electronics.

The problem with using the wrong style of batteries is most people run an adult toy until the batteries run out entirely and if you are using alkaline or high current re-chargeable batteries, this is very bad for the toy as it will ultimately damage the motor.

Ok, now for the technical information explaining what we mean

What keeps the sex toys motor spinning away is the voltage put out by the battery. Most sex toys run off 3 volts by taking 2x AAA batteries. Manual vibrating products like adult toys like the volts whereas electronic devices like the amps (the actual number of electrons, or the “electron count” filling and going through the wire, which is also called the “current”).

Here is an example of what we mean regarding different battery types

In a garden hose pipe, voltage is like the water pressure, while amps are like the amount of water in the hose. A thin aquarium hose filled with water would be low “amps”, while a standard garden hose being much higher “amps” (carrying more water at a time). The water pressure in these cases would be the equivalent to the voltage — the voltage being the “pressure” present in a wire (that is, how hard the electrons are being pushed through it). It is that voltage “pressure” that is making the motor spin as quickly as it does, not the number of electrons in the wire. More electrons only result in more heat being generated.

Motors (Sex Toys) like Voltage = water pressure

Electronic devices like Amps = amount of water

When alkaline or re-chargeable batteries run down, degrade or start losing life, the voltage runs out first (no water pressure), but there are still plenty of amps or electrons left in the wire. All these electrons moving through the motor’s brushes causes them to heat up, but since the voltage “pressure” is so much lower, the adult toy’s motor is no longer being spun fast enough to keep itself cool, and the result is a burned out, broken or damaged toy. It is very bad when the voltage has faded and there is only current remaining, heating everything up in its path. Destroying your toy…

Well powered sex toy equals better satisfaction
Well powered sex toy equals better satisfaction

Pretty technical, not really we hope?

With specially designed heavy duty batteries, the voltage and amperage curves die out at the same time parallel, fading out at the same time. Once there is less voltage in there to keep things spinning, there also are fewer amps to be pulled from the battery. The heavy duty batteries therefore do not overheat the brushes of the motor or the speed-control dial, so the toy's motors and speed controls last longer. Heavy duty batteries also last longer in motorized toys per rand spent than alkaline do. You can save your hard earned ZAR at the same time you are saving your adult toy!

Now for the problem (not really) - heavy duty batteries are harder to find, but Energizer and Duracell are normally available everywhere in South Africa at all grocery stores. Cheap alkaline batteries still can be used but must be replaced as soon as they start degrading. If and when you see the toy’s speed slowing down, replace the batteries ASAP! They still have plenty of amps left in them to run electronic devices just fine, so don’t throw them away. Electronic devices have voltage regulators in them that convert the available amps back into the voltage needed without overheating anything.

Battery Operated Sex Toys
Battery Operated Sex Toys

Another thing to remember about batteries is to always take them out when you are not using the toy. Batteries can leak at any time which will damage your toy.

Poor quality, cheap or dying batteries in your sex toy often will leak a nasty alkaline substance corroding everything. If this happens, remove the leaking batteries and clean up with a damp tissue. This leaking alkaline liquid is very corrosive so definitely keep your fingers away from your eyes! Heavy duty or high power batteries are much less prone to leak than cheaper alkaline ones. So for seldom used items that you keep the batteries in are a better choice.

Following these tips you can keep your favourite adult toy useful lives running for years. Discounting pulled wires which are the other big toy killer, but this its for another day. Use the correct batteries and your sex toys will reward you with longer lasting toys and much more happiness enjoyed.

We recommend the following batteries to use with all sex toys

It is important to use non-rechargeable quality batteries in your sex toys. Both these brands below are very easy to get at all leading chain stores. Often if you go for the value pack you get extra ones free so they work out much cheaper.

Energizer Max Plus

From Energizer:

"Introducing, our new line of performance alkaline batteries! Max Plus is our Longest Lasting Alkaline AA & AAA Batteries that provide powerful performance for your devices!

12 Year Shelf Life

In device leakage protection for up to 2 years

Recommended for:

Wireless handheld video game controller or instrument

Toys with motorized moving party

Remote control for TV/audio/ entertainment

Wireless computer mouse"

Duracell Plus Power

From Duracell site:

"Engineered to deliver that kick off additional power, Duracell Plus Power batteries provide reliable power for your everyday devices. Duralock Power Preserve technology keeps them charged for up to 10 years in storage. Duracell Plus Power have up to 50% more power.

- Long-lasting power, guaranteed

- Leakage prevention

- 10 years in ambient storage life

Recommended for:

The Duracell Plus Power batteries are best used when you are looking for reliable, long-lasting power in your every-day devices such as

Motorized toys


Portable games consoles

Remote controls, etc"

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