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The Locktober Challenge

Locktober Challenge Rules

The Locktober Challenge

So if you are taking part in the Locktober challenge, you would have already covered the first step which is to find a chastity cage that's comfortable for you to wear. There are a variety of chastity cages available on the market, so take some time to research which one would be the best fit for you. MoodTime has a wide variety of cages, ranging from plastic to Stainless Steel. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out, our team is here to help you in your journey.

Locktober  locked cocks

The rules of the Locktober challenge are simple: you must wear a chastity device for the entire month of October. Whether that means being locked up 24/7 non-stop or just wearing a cage for a few hours per day each day of the month, find what works for you and give it a try!

Another rule of the Locktober challenge is to stay safe, health & hygiene are a top priority. You need to remove and clean the cage at least once per week, rub the cage and yourself with soapy warm water to remove bacteria and grime.

Set your intentions for a successful month - What does it mean for you? What do you hope to gain from the experience? If you have a key-holder involved in the process, spend time discussing and setting goals for both of you.

Finally, Locktober is a personal experience, don’t get caught up in feeling you need to “out lock” someone else online. What a waste of your precious time and energy. Your chastity journey is valid in whatever form it takes.

Locktober Challenge Rules:

  • Commitment is Key: Once you lock in, stay locked for the entire month.

  • No Release: Absolutely no unlocking or sexual activities for the duration.

  • Self-Exploration: Use this time to understand your desires and body better.

  • Support System: Share your journey with a trusted friend or partner.

  • Daily Cage Check: Document your experience with daily pics or notes.

  • Mental Fortitude: Embrace the challenge and its potential benefits.

  • Safety First: If discomfort or issues arise, prioritize your well-being.

  • Reflect: Consider what you've learned at the end of the month.

  • Celebrate: Unlocking at the end of October is your reward.

  • Consent is Key: Always participate willingly and with consent.

Locktober Challenge Rules

What if I Don't Have a Keyholder?

If you don't have a keyholder, there are a few options you can consider. First, you could ask a friend or family member to hold the key for you. This person would be responsible for keeping the key safe and making sure you don't cheat.

Another option is to use a digital lock box. This is a box that you can put the key in and then lock it with an app by setting a timer. The only way to open the box is when the timer runs out. This option allows you to be in control of your own chastity experience.

Finally, join an online group or twitter and share your daily cage checks to keep motivated, if you need some advice or help here , give us a shout.

What if I Don't Have a Chastity Keyholder?

Locktober Support System

In the Locktober challenge, having a robust support system can be the key to a successful journey. Share your commitment with a trusted friend, partner, or even an online community. They can provide motivation, encouragement, and understanding during moments of temptation or doubt. Your support system can offer daily check-ins, engage in open conversations about your experiences, and celebrate your milestones. Knowing that you're not alone in this adventure can make the month-long chastity journey not only bearable but also deeply rewarding. Together, you can unlock the potential for personal growth, self-discovery, and a renewed sense of control over your desires.

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