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Underwear Fetish Is One Of The Most Common Fetishes

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Embrace Your Underwear Fetish

So this article is mainly for our gay customers who dig their underwear! Underwear fetish is very common, in fact one of the most common fetishes around. Does underwear or the mere thought of underwear turn you on or do you buy new sexy underwear often even when you already have an underwear drawer full of pairs and you do not really need to buy more? I think you know where we are going with this... Ok.. Ok.. we will call you an underwear collector!

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Have you ever thought about sniffing a jockstrap, boxers or briefs? Don’t worry as it is perfectly normal thought to have, many find this a turn on … some studies have even shown as documented in a popular journal that testosterone could and most probably is detectable through scent. So if you have fantasized about going through your roommates washing or sports bag for that sweaty pair of wore underwear, it is most likely because you can smell his testosterone and are drawn to it. As for your ever expanding collection of briefs, thongs, jockstraps and boxers chances are you are just subconsciously preparing to entice your mate or a potential lover. I mean who needs a fancy tail like the male peacock when you have a drawer full on underwear!

Sniffing, wearing or collection underwear is not just something gay men enjoy. There are many straight men who love to sniff or wear their girlfriends or partners panties. Some straight men get much sexual gratification from these activities with woman's panties and stockings.

red mens boxer shorts underwear with erection

These desires are perfectly normal so embrace them. Our bodies produce many different sex chemicals to attract a mate and most of these are found in higher concentrations around the penis or vagina area, which is why we grow pubic hair to trap these chemicals. When you find yourself appreciating a pair of underwear or panties, it is precisely those chemicals at work as one study reported recently. Bodily odours appear to boost sexual attraction.

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So as long as you are not harming anyone and you put your friend or roommate’s underwear back where you found them, it’s okay to appreciate it if it turns you on. Some studies also reveal a possible connection between scent and compatibility so if you find something irresistible about his or her natural scent, one theory, according to the study is that you might be simply be smelling their attractiveness.

sexy mens briefs underwear on bed

Some might call this a bit taboo or gross but as those with an underwear fetish understand, it’s nothing more than scent and sensibility and appreciating what nature originally intended. The connection between smell and sexual attraction is very clear and well studied.

Our obsession with underwear may also have something to do with the fact that it is incredibly private and intimate. When you get hands on your best friend’s jockstrap, in addition to his scent, there’s something erotic about knowing you have access to something others do not.

Blue Gay Jockstrap Naked Ass

Here are ways to embrace your underwear fetish

Give the gift of underwear

If you do not know how to talk to your lover about your underwear fetish then a good way to warm up to the conversation is by surprising them with a brand new pair of sexy underwear, jockstraps are always a great sexy option for men as generally jockstraps are the most kinky when it comes to fantasizing, but so are thongs especially for woman as they are very revealing. If you are a true hardcore underwear fetishist, you will appreciate your boyfriend’s or girlfriend's scent after they comes home from a long day of work. Or better yet, enjoy a workout together and embrace your kinky fetish together afterwards.

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Change it up, try something new

An underwear fetish is not just about appreciating other people’s underwear, but also appreciating your own. Change it up and try something new. Try on a Jock Strap or a G-string Thong. Wear briefs for a month instead of boxer or briefs, or why not try a transparent material pair, sexy designed one that just reveal enough to drive your partner wild. Always wondered what a thong feels like, wonder no more? Just go for it.

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Reveal your underwear fetish to your date or partner

Sure, telling your date or your partner that the underwear they are wearing is hot is easy to do. Getting him or her to wear that special piece of underwear during sex or giving you a pair that he or she wore might be a little more trickier. The key here is being prepared.

Most couples do not have great communication skills about sex, and that includes gay men. Before you decide to reveal your underwear fetish to your date or partner be sure that you are comfortable talking about sex in the first place. You might want to just describe why the fetish gives you pleasure, without any expectations that your date or partner will join in. Discuss it as something that is intimate, not as some kind of awful confession. Who know they might just be into the same thing and this will take your relationship to the next level …. And gift giving will be much easier as you will know exactly what they will like every time.

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