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Urethral Pleasure Probes for Beginners to Advanced Users

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Urethral Sounding Produces Great Penis Feelings

Urethra Pleasure Probes for Beginners to Advanced Users Moodtime

What are male urethral pleasure probes?

Penis Plugs, Probes & Sounds are male urethra pleasure probes and are specially designed sex toys for men that are inserted inside the urethra of the penis. These urethral sex toys are known under many different names such as urethral sounds, cock plugs or simply “sounds”, urethral toys, sounding rods and urethral rods. These sex toys also do come in a variety of material such as silicone and stainless steel, majority of them are smooth but you do also get some with bumps, texture or vibration for added penis pleasure. For beginners silicone is always a good option as they are soft and flexible.

While inserting sounding rods inside the urethra is not something that all men enjoy, there are however many men who do find this kind of urethra stimulation very arousing and it brings them great stimulation. It is therefore not surprising that there are so many types of male urethral pleasure probes available on the market and that so many men like to experiment with this type of sexual stimulation.

Urethra Pleasure Probes Moodtime Sounds

How do Male Probes work and how do you use these Penis Sounds?

Before you start using a pleasure penis probe or any type of a urethral sound or toy, it is very useful to get to know a bit of penis anatomy, know your cock. This is very important for understanding how the sex toy is inserted into the penis and where it stays during urethral sex play. Keep in mind that there are many different pleasure probes with some being longer than the others. While they are all are inserted into the urethra, not all can reach equally deep.

The urethral opening or pee hole is a very sensitive area and it can also be gently stretched to accommodate these specially designed sex toys. This is only the end of the longer tube, known as the male urethra. The urethra goes all the way from the bladder, into the prostate and then through the base of the penis and all the way up through the penis to the pee hole. When the toy is inserted into the urethra, it starts this journey in reverse, from the end of the urethra or pee hole. Depending on the length of the toy the persons preferences and experience level, the toy can be inserted only a little or very deeply into the penis.

Extra length penis sound male toy

The shortest urethral toys, known as penis stoppers or cum stoppers, only go inside the penis head a little. They pass the pee hole and are inserted only a few centimetres inside the urethra or even less, not further than the penis head. Short urethral toys are typically penis plugs or cum stoppers and other shorter toys and reach a few centimetres into the urethra.

A bit longer toys are made to reach all the way inside the penis, but not further. These are longer penis plugs longer than the shorter urethral sounds, also known as shorter male urethra pleasure probes. As long as the toy is inserted only inside the penis and doesn’t go deeper than the base of the penis, urethral play is not considered deep. It means that the toy stays inside the penis only and doesn’t go further inside the body, to prostate and bladder.

Pleasure probes that are made for penis stimulation only will typically be relatively short and straight. You can use them to stimulate the urethra inside the penis. You may choose to insert these adult toys only a few centimetres or to go a bit deeper, but they will never reach past the base of the penis shaft. These pleasure probes are simply too short to do that.

Urethral sounding can produce many great feelings and sensations. This is probably the main benefit of using urethral sounds – they feel amazing. There are many men who claim that this is their favourite form of stimulation. Being stimulated from the inside of the penis feels great, especially when coupled with masturbation. This is a perfect way to massage your penis both on the inside and outside. It produces great and new sensations. Some penis pleasure probes are specially designed to be used during masturbation as they are hollow to allow ejaculation cum through during orgasm.

Extra Long Vibrating Penis Sound Moodtime

It is therefore not surprising that there are so many men who engage in steamy urethral stimulation. This is a perfect way to enhance your arousal and bring pleasure to a completely new level, if is also considered a bit kinky and falls in the realm of light BDSM pleasure.

Keep in mind that urethral stimulation requires a bit of practice to perform well, but once you get used to the feeling you will be able to enjoy it to the fullest. Some men even claim that urethral sounding is addictive and difficult to stop once you learn how to do it properly as the sensation is so amazing. There is nothing wrong with that, as long as you are careful and follow all the safety guidelines, remember the inside of the penis is sensitive so sounding my be done safely.

You may choose between many different types of urethral sounds according to your preferences and desires. Beginner users should use shorter, straight sounds because these toys do not go too deep. Silicone versions are also better for beginners as they are softer and more flexible. More experienced users can choose longer, curved sounds made for deep urethral play. Each sound produces a unique sensation so there is something for everyone. Also, as a beginner, you can try short and small penis plugs. These are ideal toys for new users who want to try urethral play for the first time.

10 Frequency Urethral Vibrator Plug | moodTime

What are the safety precautions when penis sounding?

1. Make sure your penis probe or sound is clean

Your toys have to be properly sanitized before you use them. Cleaning it with a bit of water is not enough. This is why metal urethral toys are the best, they are easy to sterilize. You can rub them with alcohol but it might not be enough. You could also boil them in water before each use. Make sure to clean your sound properly before you start.

2. Make sure your hands, body and cock are clean

Your toys are not the only thing involved in urethral play. It’s vital that you are clean, too. Make sure to sanitize your hands and clean your genitalia. If you wish to try urethral sounding with a partner, make sure that they are clean, too. Some people even like to use surgical gloves for extra protection (this is particularly popular in medical role-playing and using urethral sounds as medical toys).

3. Use plenty of personal lube

Urethral stimulation is not possible without a generous, and we mean generous amount of lube. Do not even attempt any sounding or another type of urethral stimulation without sex toy lube, water based lube works the best. Also, make sure that the lube is appropriate.

4. Inserting your penis sound

Once you are ready, it’s time to insert your penis sound. Before you start, make sure that your urethra is wide enough to accommodate it. It you feel any resistance or discomfort, stop immediately and move to a smaller sound. If you still experience pressure and pain, wait a little and choose smaller urethral toys. It’s important to train your urethra before you move to more demanding toys, never force it if it feels uncomfortable.

Mini Cum Stopper Penis Plug

Steps how to insert a penis probe or penis sound properly

  • Apply a very generous amount of lube on the tip of your penis, particularly on and around the pee hole opening. Take your toy and apply a lot of lube to it as well, especially on the tip of the toy.

  • Take your penis sound with one hand and place the tip on the penis opening. Keep in mind that many sounds require you to be flaccid in order to insert them. In general, inserting a sound into a flaccid penis is easier than inserting into an erect one.

  • Press the sex toy very gently into the opening and let it slide gently inside your pee hole with very little pressure. You should not encounter resistance or pain and you should never force a sound into the urethra. If you do stop and rather get a smaller size to start out with.

  • Let the sound settle in the pee hole on its own. It will stop at the deepest point of your urethra, or the deepest point your urethra can accommodate at the moment. Do not force it further in!.

  • Once inserted you can slowly move it up and down within your penis, or masturbate while the sound is inside. Vibrating penis sounds will also give amazing extra please.

Get In The Mood.... Try A Penis Sound

Short Penis Plug Moodtime

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