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We Care About Sustainability

We are helping the environment by reusing once used cardboard

In our current society people and businesses use a lot of cardboard with thousands of tons of paper and cardboard thrown away every month. This number is only growing with many people feeling more comfortable ordering things online and the convenience it brings. The production and disposal of cardboard contributes to deforestation and vast emissions of methane and carbon dioxide across the world.

Cardboard & Recycling Facts

  • The average person uses the amount of seven trees worth of cardboard and paper products every year.

  • Cardboard and papers comprise roughly 40% of all solid waste.

  • Paper and cardboard generally makes up the largest portion of municipal solid waste.

  • Tons of perfectly good cardboard is thrown into landfills monthly.

  • Over 90% of things shipped are packaged in some form of cardboard.

  • The process of recycling cardboard requires vast amounts of water, energy and produces large volumes of carbon dioxide.

  • Cardboard boxes cannot be re-made with 100% recycled board so new pulp must be added to the mixture, resulting in more trees being cut down.

At one of our brand values is sustainability, as such we believe in minimizing our footprint on the environment where possible. We choose and use once used cardboard boxes to ship our orders in. Because majority of our shipping boxes are once used it means no trees, no energy and no water was needed to make them.

Our parcels may not have crisp and fresh shipping cardboard on the outside and might contain some tape or the odd label from their previous use, but the protection it gives to the goodies on the inside is no different. You know that saying: “It doesn’t matter what it looks like on the outside, its what’s on the inside that counts”. It is only the shipping box that is once used cardboard, all our actual products are still sealed in their original retail packaging, plastic or foil bags.

All our parcels are also 100% discreet with no sender details on the parcel and no description of the content, nobody will know what you ordered.

By shopping online at Moodtime you are not contributing to cardboard waist and you can throw away or recycle our cardboard packaging guilt free as it is already once used cardboard.

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