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What Are Electro Sex Toys And How Are They Used?

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

Electro sex can be great fun and an effective bondage technique

Electric penis shocking cock rings moodtime

When we talk about electricity and sex we don’t mean zapping you private area and it is certainly not advisable to harm yourself. There are certain techniques which can stimulate your genitalia with electric vibrations to intensify your orgasm, this is achieved used special sex toys designed to produce stimulating eclectic pulses to specific areas of your body. Another word used for this type of kinky fun is EStim, which stands for electro stimulation.

What Are Electro Sex Toys?

This is where the electro sex toys come in. These special adult toys stimulate your partner’s or your erogenous zones by passing slow electric vibrations and electric pulses through the area. The nerve cells in your erogenous zones such as nipples, anus or penis are stimulated by this pulsating sensation which intensifies your orgasm. These techniques are certainly not about pain, they are all about excitement and pleasure. Most electro sex toys have settings which control the vibrations pulsating from them as well as the intensity so you can start the electric puse sensation at a level you are comfortable with. At the lower settings, it feels almost ticklish a slight pulse – like a tingle or light tapping sensation.

How Are Electric Stimulation Sex Toys Used?

There are various ways to use e-stim or electro sex toys as they generally come in Cock Ring, Penis Rings, Penis Sounds, Cock Cage, Butt Plug and Nipple Clips designs.

electrical stimulation-penis cock cage BDSM

As mentioned before these sex toys have various settings, ranging from low to high – every one of which have different usage. When starting out as a beginner start off with the lowest settings, you will feel slight tingling in your erogenous zones.

Start out slow for amazing sexual pleasure

Increase the settings when you are feeling comfortable with the vibrations and electric stimulation feeling. On increasing it, you will feel aroused around your genital area due to the electric charge stimulating your nerve endings. Just imagine yourself getting slowly teased by the sensation – only pleasure, nothing to be afraid of.

As you go to moderate settings, the sensations become stronger – almost feeling like a vibrator. You will feel heightened sensations as your nerve endings are aroused.

As you go higher in settings, the sensations become strong on your skin – causing your muscles to contract. Always try from lower settings and find the best choice for yourself. Ultimately the pulsing simulation can lead to an amazing hands free orgasm.

EStim Sex Toys From Moodtime Durban South Africa

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