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What Are Realistic Ejaculating Dildos

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

Everything you need to know about squirting dildos

Realistic Ejaculating Cum Dildo

We know everyone knows what a dildo is as they are among the most popular sex toys you can buy, dildos come in all shapes, sizes and colours, realistic and abstract. For added spice and sexual pleasure there are also ones that can vibrate, rotate and even glow in the dark. Dildos are enjoyed by both men and women, gay and straight. Now they even ejaculate! We have recently added these ejaculating dildos to our online sex store and catalogue.

Realistic Ejaculation squirting dildos

What are ejaculating dildos?

As the name implies, these dildos actually ejaculate! They are also called squirting dildos, cumming dildos or for the fetish lovers piss dildos, I am sure you know why. These speciality dildos look almost identical to the regular dildos, but they are able to simulate ejaculation.

These super realistic dildos give you the most realistic experience and feature the ability to squirt fluid “cum” at your command. You will get a chance of picking your favourite liquid for your dildo to squirt. They are perfect for both adding an extra flavour to your sex life and for solo sessions. They are also great for bridal showers; imagine taking a big load of your favourite cream liquor directly in your mouth from this penis!

These squirting dildos are perfect for anyone looking for something realistic, exciting and close to the real this. These dildos that cum are now available in our online sex shop in Durban, South Africa.

Realistic Cum Ejaculating Dildo

What is the point of an ejaculating dildo?

The most obvious reason is sexual pleasure and enjoyment. Since many enjoy the ejaculation part of the sex, this way, you can enjoy it even if you are alone. Ejaculating dildos are becoming very popular thanks online cam sessions allowing the performer to simulate intercourse or fetish piss action even if they perform alone. These dildos can also be used in strap-on harnesses as well, which is more than enough to spice up your sex life.

The point of the ejaculating dildos is enjoying the realism of the experience. There are so many people out there with a kink that fits this product. Whether they have cum fetish or piss fetish or they are looking to add a bit more reality into their sex life, these dildos are perfect.

Realistic Ejaculating Piss Dildo

Real cum and piss or fake, can you tell?

You will have to find a fluid to use in your squirting dildo. It is especially important to be careful when choosing a fluid for this toy. There are many lubricants on the market that have white colour or a similar texture to cum. Lubricant makes a great fluid to use as it is body safe and you can continue enjoying the sex toy even after the ejaculation.

There are many cum “recipes” out there but you should stick to the ones that are proven to work and that do not have ingredients that cannot be used inside the vagina or anus. It is important to remember to avoid products based on eggs or coconut oils as these can lead to bacterial and yeast infections. However, if you are planning to ejaculate on your body or face, you can use any type of homemade “cum.” We already mentioned lubricants that are safe for use, and you can do a bit of research to create something that you’ll enjoy the most.

Lastly, if you are looking to host an unforgettable party, you can use these as a shot dispenser!

Using Realistic Ejaculating Dildo

How to use an ejaculating dildo

In our online store we stock 2 types at the moment. Standard Cum Dildo and Large Cum Dildo size in a very realistic penis and ball design. They have a tube inside all the way from the penis head down the shaft to an external squeeze ball which you use to hold the fluid and for squirting fluid and cum. They are great fun and easy to clean. Use the dildo as normal then when you are ready squeeze the bulb to shoot a load.

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