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What are the Different Types of Sex Toys Available?

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Why do so many people use sex toys?

Different types of sex and adult toys to use

Nearly all adults have at some point come into contact with or used a sex toy. Sex toys have become very main stream now and very normal to talk about and use, some doctors even prescribe sex toys. All kinds of people may choose to use sex toys and they use them for many different reasons. For some people, using sex toys is the easiest or in some cases the only way that they can have an orgasm and climax. Sometimes people use sex toys to help them masturbate or to provide extra pleasure and sensations. People also use sex toys during sex with their partners for added fun and pleasure and to spice up their sexual relationships, and some use sex toys for medical reasons.

For transgender, non-binary, or gender non-conforming people certain sex toys may help them affirm their gender identity or help relieve gender dysphoria. Some people with disabilities or limited ability for mobility also use sex toys to make it easier for them to masturbate, have sex, or do certain sexual activities or positions that would otherwise be harder or not possible for them at all. In these cases adult toys enhance peoples sex lives.

adult toys collection from moodtime

Sex toys can also be used for medical reasons as they help treat the symptoms of certain disorders, such as erectile dysfunction, genital arousal disorder, hypoactive sexual disorder, and orgasm disorder. Adult toys also help some people deal with the sexual side effects of certain medications, health conditions, or menopause such as low sex drive or decreased sensation in their genitals.

What are the different types of sex toys available?

There are so many different sex toys out there, thousands in fact. At MoodTime we have a very large range of sex toys and related products on offer. Our adult toy dispatch office is based in Durban and deliver sex toys throughout South Africa discreetly via courier.

We have put together a list below of some of the most common toys available to help you decide what would suit you best and which toys should be on your must have list:

Vibrators (also known as g-spot vibrators or personal massagers)

Vibrators are basically a wand or penis shaped toy that vibrates to stimulate your genitals. It is very common for people to use vibrators to stimulate their clitoris, g-spot and other parts of their vulva and vagina.

g-spot vibrators and personal massagers

Vibrators are normally thought of as toys designed for women, but this is not true as they can also stimulate the penis, scrotum and testicles, nipples, and anus. Vibrators come in all shapes, sizes and colours, with many different vibration speeds, pulses, rotations and trusting options. Some can go inside a vagina or anus, and others are meant to be used outside the body for teasing and foreplay.

White AV Wand rechargeable Vibrator women

Dildos (realistic penis shaped toys)

Dildos are often penis shaped toys that go inside a vagina, anus, or mouth. Dildos come in many shapes, sizes and colours, but they are often shaped similarly to a penis, some looking and feeling almost the same as an erect penis. Some look like very realistic penises even feeling like an actual cock and balls but others are more abstract in shape and size, with weird textures and colours.

straight dildo lesbian sex moodtime

Some dildos can also be slightly curved, to help stimulate your g-spot or prostate known as the p-spot, most also vibrate and some even rotate. Dildos can be made out of lots of different materials, like silicone, rubber, and plastic, metal and shatter proof glass.

realistic cock and balls dildo

Anal Toys (also knows as anal plugs or butt plugs)

These sex toys made specifically to stimulate and go inside your anus, or butt as people prefer to say. Generally they are called anal plugs or butt plugs. Anal toys include many different styles such as plugs (usually called butt plugs), anal beads, anal vibrators, prostate massagers, and dildos with a wide base.

man with metal butt plug anal sex moodtime

You need to use plenty of personal lubrication to use anal toys comfortably, silicone lube works great with glass and metal toys and water based lube with silicone, jelly and TPU toys. Beware as using the wrong type of lube and damage the surface of your toy. When buying an anal toy it is very important that it has a flared base so it can’t accidentally slip all the way in and get stuck. Nothing will kill the mood of a hungry asshole swallowing your sex toy whole!

Large textured Anal Butt Plug with cock and ball ring

Sleeves (cock or penis sleeves)

Sleeves come in many forms such as masturbation sleeves, penis sleeves, or stroking sleeves and vibrating sleeves. They are what the name says, soft sleeve shaped tubes that you slide onto your penis.

Sleeves come in all shapes and sizes, and often have different textures on the inside for more sensation. Some even have vibration or a suction action. Penis sleeves are used similar to condoms, they delay orgasm allowing you to have much longer sex sessions, they are also used to extend the penis length and are also used over traditional sex toys to give them different texture and sensations when used.

Penis Rings (also referred to as cock rings)

Penis rings are also called cock rings, erectile dysfunction rings, or penis constriction rings. The rings go around your scrotum and / or penis. Penis rings are quite simple in how they work, the tight ring slow blood flow out of the penis when it is erect and hard, which can increase sexual sensation and also makes your erection harder and longer lasting.

man wearing cockring under sexy gay underwear

The safest penis rings are made from soft, flexible materials that you can easily remove, like silicone, rubber, or leather with snap clips. Some penis rings have little vibrators on them, they built in bullet vibrator is there to stimulate you and your partner. Because penis rings restrict your blood flow it is not advisable to wear one for long periods of time, remember take it off right away if you feel any pain or discomfort.

metal cockrings, colourful metal penis rings

Penis Pumps (penis enlargement pump or erection pumps)

Remember Austin Powers "I'm telling ya baby, that's not mine"... No shame anymore as many men own a penis pump for various reasons. Penis pumps, vacuum pumps, hydro pumps or vacuum erection pumps. These pumps create a vacuum that use a hand or battery-powered pump to create suction around your penis, clitoris, vulva, or nipples.

Penis Pump For Hard erection for men

Pumps work by driving blood flow to the area, which helps increase sensitivity and sensation. Some people also like the feeling of the suction. Penis pumps can help you get an erection, but they won’t make your penis permanently bigger. Penis pumps do make your penis bigger and fatter immediately after pumping. Some pumps are also designed to help treat erectile dysfunction, genital arousal disorder, and orgasm disorder.

Most of the pumps you buy in sex stores or adult shops are not medical devices, they are just meant to enhance pleasure during sex and masturbation but essentially the function if the same as the medical devices. Don’t pump and leave your penis in the pump for a long period of time, also do not over pump. Stop pumping and remove right away if you feel any pain or discomfort.

hydro bathmate shower penis pump

Ben Wa Kegel Exercise Balls

BenWa Balls are also known as Kegel balls, Kegel trainers, vagina balls, orgasm balls, Kegel exercise balls. These toys are round objects that are weighted and you put inside your vagina. They can help you do exercises that tone and strengthen your Kegel muscles. Kegel balls are usually weighted so you have to squeeze your vagina to keep them inside your body. Some are hollow with smaller balls inside that roll and bounce when you move, making a jiggling sensation. Many people just like the way they feel inside their vagina. Some of these balls also vibrate and some are also designed to be inserted into the anus.

Harnesses And Strap-On Dildos

Harnesses are also known as strap-on dildos. These straps hold dildos or other sex toy against your body. Some are worn like underwear or jock straps, and others may go around other parts of your body, like your thigh, strap on dildos are often used by lesbian couples to engage in penetration sex of females wanting to penetrate a man anally, also known as pegging.

strap on dildo pegging sex and lesbian penatraton dildo sex

So for perfect pegging dildos are perfect for use in our erotic strap-on harnesses. All these dildos have a flared sucker base which can be used to secure them into the harness. Strap-on dildos can be worn by both women or men. The best thing about our harnesses is that they allow for interchangeable dildos and positioning. Try it all from double penetration with a strap-on for him, or experiment with pegging with a harness and dildo for her.

So what sex toy (or toys) do you want?

There are so many different kinds of adult toys available on the market and ways in which to use them can feel a little overwhelming. At moodTime we do have a huge selection of sex toys and try put details product descriptions and images on every listing. You may also contact our customer support anytime should to find out about different products and how they may work well for you.

Part of the fun is also just experimentation; you can also just try something that seems interesting and go from there. So the bottom line is that there are lots of options for different bodies and different kinds of sex so no matter who you are who you are into or what kinds of sex you have, we have sex toys that can be an option for you.

Get In The Mood

Different types of sex and adult toys

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