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What is a Male Chastity Contract?

Chastity contract a fetish between a dominant and submissive

Chastity contract a fetish between a dominant and submissive

Do you need a male chastity cage contract? Is it useful? Does it add to the roleplay fun and what do you need to put in one if you decide to have one? These are all the typical questions that curious couples ask? There is no “right” answer except the one that works for both of you.

Assortment of Male Chastity Cages

Male chastity contract

The experience of becoming the perfect chastity slave is an exciting one! Many people who enjoy the control of wearing a Chastity Cage also enjoy having a clear set of rules and expectations to abide by, for this reason, many key Holders who play the dominant role choose to implement a chastity contract and the caged partner his the slave of submissive.

A chastity contract is a signed agreement between two (or more) people regarding the usage of a chastity device or Cock Cage. The contract requires the submissive to hand over control of their penis to the key holder or dominant for a specified time period. Both parties agree upon a set of rules and expectations to adhere to during this time and generally have penalties and punishments for any transgressions of the agreement.

A chastity contract is not a legally binding document, but rather a tool to enhance pleasure and assists the act of roleplay and is a symbol of commitment to the act of chastity from both parties.

Transparent chastity cage on blue speedo

Terminology associated with chastity includes:

  • Chastity device or Cock Cage: This is the actual cage which is made of metal, plastic or silicone and is the actual adult tool used to restrict access to the wearer’s genitals and to prevent sexual arousal, satisfaction or release. There are also other chastity devices such as belts or harnesses. Cock cages are designed for men and are worn around the testicles and penis. Chastity belts and harnesses are normally devices designed for women.

  • Key Holder: Is the term used for the person who will be in charge of the chastity relationship, often also referred to as the dominant.

  • User: Is the person who will wear a chastity device, and is also known as the slave or submissive.

  • BDSM: Chastity is part of the BDSM sphere and stands for bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, sadism and masochism.

  • Dom: Is the abbreviation for the dominant partner in the chastity.

  • Sub: Is the abbreviation for the submissive or chastity slave and represents the caged party or person.

  • Hard limits: These are boundaries set by an individual regarding types of adult play and sex interaction they will not consent to being involved in. The hard limits are non-negotiable sex acts and should be respected by everyone involved.

Man holding a black chastity cage near blue underwear

Types of chastity relationships

There are three main forms of chastity dynamic: self-locked, chastity with a sexual partner and chastity with a professional key holder.

1. Chastity with yourself

This is self-explanatory and only involves the user. Self-imposed chastity is often used to experiment and get into chastity, is also help with personal goals.

2. Chastity with your partner

This is when a chastity device is brought into a relationship. It can be partners in a long term or casual relationship. A chastity contract between partners or lovers will vary according to the practicalities of the relationship.

3. Chastity with a professional

This is where someone hires the service of a professional dominant to indulge their kinks and fantasies and is most often based on a financial agreement.

Man wearing a clear nub chastity case nude in socks

How to be safe while exploring chastity

  • You should always be let out of chastity for regular cleaning at a minimum at least once per week, ideally more depending on the device.

  • Being able to access a key at any key is essential in case of emergencies, particularly if you are using a metal cage which can’t be forced open.

  • Wear the correct size chastity cage.

  • Activities that interfere with work or family duties or that may be detrimental to professional or public appearance should also be avoided.

  • Communication as always is important set clear end date and conditions.

  • Make sure you both have the same expectations of each other during the contract period.

Pink solid chastity cage with built in lock

What should a contract include?

Actually anything can be included as the chastity contract should be based entirely around the desires of all parties involved after all it is just another tool to enhance sexual pleasure.

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