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What is Locktober, The Month of Chastity?

Lock Up Your Cock, A Month without Wanking

Locktober with moodtime

All across the world, people are locking their penises away inside Chastity Cages because they love the thrill and the sexual sensation that comes with feeling submissive.

For those kink enthusiasts who are into chastity and locking up their penises there is an October tradition that is starting to get a lot of attention, and that is the custom of people locking their genitals in cages and denying themselves and their partner’s access to their penis for 31 days of chastity. This is known as for Locktober, the month without wanking. For the entire month of October, people interested in a subset of BDSM known as chastity play can participate in Locktober.

BDSM known as chastity play

How do you participate in Locktober?

Those wishing to take part in chastity play have a few options. They can get choose to get locked up by their sexual partner or they can lock themselves up, know as self locking. Generally a partner will lock you up and will play the dom role and administers the punishment as a form of pleasure or orgasm denial. The dom often holds the physical key that will unlock a sub’s cock, meaning their pleasure is 100% dependent on someone else. Chastity is one of the many ways people can achieve sexual satisfaction.

Transparent Chastity Cage V3

Locktober is the kinky version of Lent. For participants, Locktober holds lessons about their own sexuality and how they must get very creative to feel pleasure when their primary sexual organ is locked away out of reach denying them sexual pleasure. Other areas include anal play and sensory paly. In the confines of a Chastity Device, erections are often problems to be solved and the effects of feeling horny.

Being pushed into that pent-up, frustrated state of mind can be an incredibly enjoyable experience. It can make you feel very submissive and that frustrated feeling can really push you to try new ideas and kinks too. There can be an aspect of humiliation as well – especially when those around you aren’t locked up. Most like to tease which can be very emasculating but it all adds to the pleasure and frustration.

Man in cock cage and tie

Locktober is becoming more and more popular with each passing year – especially in online spaces such as Twitter. Just remember consent is key when it comes to Locktober and chastity without consent, dom and sub sexual dynamics can’t function in any kind of meaningful way.

Cocks in cages

Some say “You are not allowed to remove your cage during Locktober, saying removing the cage during is ‘against the rules’. Remember there is no set of predefined rules for Locktober – so you create the rules you and your partner are comfortable with.

For even more fun between couples we have prepared a Chastity Contract to make the chastity agreement official. The chastity contract can be signed by both yourself and your keyholder just to add to the fun and roleplay. You may find and download the Chastity Contract for free on our Adult Forum.

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Join our Chastity Forum Here.

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