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Bigger Is Not Always Better When It Comes To Dildos

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

5 Reasons to Buy A Small Dildo

Bigger Is Not Always Better When It Comes To Dildos

Large dildos (and dicks) do get extra attention no doubt about it, but that doesn’t mean smaller dildos (and penises) don’t have a lot to offer. Bigger is not always better when it comes to dildos. The main thing to remember is that you need to choose one that works best for you. Penis size, bigger not always better, here are five reasons why you might buy a smaller one and still absolutely love it.

More Comfortable Vaginal Penetration

Bigger is not always better during vaginal penetration. Some people have conditions that makes penetration difficult, if not completely impossible. Others can be penetrated but it’s painful, making sex miserable for them. You don’t have to put up with sex that hurts. You’ve probably already been given plenty of advice to just add personal lube or relax, but that’s not always enough. Sometimes what you need is something smaller. Thinner dildos, often called dilators, can help your body become more comfortable with vaginal or anal penetration. Even a dildo that falls just below the “average” — which is only five to six inches — may work. The key is to find what feels good to you in the right size.

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New To Anal Penetration

A lot of people begin their anal play experience with butt plugs, anal beads, and other anal sex toys. But if you’d prefer to start with a dildo — especially for strap-on sex, you definitely need something small. In this case, “small” really means slender and probably smooth. When your body isn’t used to penetration, it can be extremely uncomfortable if your sex toy is too wide. As with any anal play, always add lots of lube, go slow, and stimulate other parts of your body (like your penis or vulva) to help you relax. But starting with a smaller, smoother dildo will definitely help, too. As you adjust and learn what you enjoy, you can always move up to bigger sizes.

Blowjob Fantasy – Deep Throat Like a Pro

Do you want to deep throat your partner like a pro — or anyone you hook up with — but can’t because your gag reflex is too strong? Want to learn how to deep throat, there’s nothing wrong with practicing on dildos. Start with something small and thin before trying larger sizes. Dildos are also great for threesome fantasies, especially for blowjobs and penetration. You can pretend you’re going down on your third when in reality, it’s a dildo. Small dildos can play a part here, too. You can take more of the shaft down your throat or you can prevent that gag reflex problem with practice on a dildo.

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First-Time Double Penetration

Double penetration is having a penis in a vagina and a penis in the anus at the same time, or for the kinky 2 penises in the vagina or 2 in the anus. If you’re missing that second penis, a small dildo can be a great way to explore double penetration. Again, lots of lube, patience, and additional stimulation will help you have a better experience. But there’s no need to start with a big, thick dong when it’s your first time. Play with two small dildos or a combination of your partner and a small dildo until you’re ready for something bigger.

Because You Like Small Dildos

So finally who says you need to have a reason to play with a small dildo other than that you simply enjoy them. If you prefer smaller toys, buy them, use them, and get off in the way you love best. From vaginal or anal penetration to hot blowjobs, whatever reason you have is your own and remember not everyone has to be a size queen or king.

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