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Gift Each Other A Sex Toy This Year

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

Adult toys are the gifts that keeps on giving!

With the festive season holidays fast approaching or actually on us already. We are sure you are most likely making a gift list, puzzling what to buy, and wondering what to get your significant other this year. Be naughty and get something you will both get plenty of enjoyment out of. Why not make this year’s gift to each other a sex toy or couples sex toy instead?

Why gift a Sex Toy?

Well we think you do not need a reason! There is no reason not to buy an adult toy to enjoy together as a couple or to use to pleasure your partner.

There are so many reasons to buy a sex toy as a gift:

  1. Get out of a sexual rut or boring sex routine and introduce some spice

  2. You will get to try new things when being intimate

  3. It make sex fun again by using toys for adults

  4. Adult toys help each other get off in new and exciting ways

  5. They help you explore your fantasies, desires and kinks together

  6. You will become more intimate together

A word advise, don’t just spring a new sex toy on your partner with no warning, test the water first or have a conversation about it before you start shopping. You can also surprise your partner with a gift card and add a note that you want to shop for a sex toy together, making the process a whole lot more fun. We do also offer gift cards by request, so get in touch if you would like one.

Moodtime Kegel Excercise Balls, Kegel Eggs

Sex Toys to consider that are fun for couples

Every couple is different and into different things, so no single sex toy will work for everyone. A good start is to think about your mutual fantasies, the pleasure you already experience together, and what you both feel most curious about. Also if you have spoken about any kinks this would be a good place to start, but if you are not sure where to start or what to consider we have put together some popular sex toys below for ideas.

Vibrating Bullet – Mini Sex Toys

For people new to sex toys and of would like to introduce them into your relationship, vibrating bullets are a great place to start. They are small, discreet and very unintimidating, not like if you were to whip out a huge penis shaped dildo. Vibrating Sex Bullets are not full on hard core sex toys that would shock your partner as they are small and fun. They are affordable and have a strong vibration and are great to use during foreplay and light sexual stimulation.

Woman Masturbating with AV Wand Vibrator Moodtime

Vibrating Sex Toys – Yes we know this sound very broad, but it is

So many sex toys do vibrate and that’s where the fun and stimulation comes from, they include: cock rings, masturbators, prostate massagers, anal massagers, body massagers and g-spot vibrators. All can be used together in some way. Vibrating cock rings are great for penetrative sex with the penis or on a dildo. Standalone vibrators — g-spot, masturbators, prostate massagers, bullet vibes, whatever all work wonders during intercourse or mutual masturbation. Finger vibrators are also an awesome couple’s sex toy as either partner can hold or wear it over their finger and touch each other. Wherever you touch, they get extra sensation and stimulation for the ultimate tease.

Pink Moodtime G-Spot Vibrator

Bondage and Kink Gear – BDSM fun

Many people are intimidated or think of BDSM gear as separate from sex toys. While a blindfold or being restrained with cuffs or rope might not lead directly to an orgasm, it can definitely get you turned on and ready for whatever sexy fun you both have planned. And when you use hand or ankle cuffs or bed restraints, you are definitely playing naughty. So yes, these are sex toys and are great for couples. The best idea is to buy a complete BDSM bondage kit, this normally contains all the essentials such as cuffs, rope, blindfold, paddle, collar and leash all great to indulge your kinky fantasies.

BDSM Sex Play Naked Man and Lady

Anything Anal

Butt plugs, vibrating anal plugs, anal probes, prostate massagers, anal beads – if it goes in your butt hole then it is a great sex toy for couples interested in anal play and butt stuff. If you are new to anal play then start with something small or even better buy a kit with anal toys of multiple sizes but always buy and use plenty of lube. When it comes to anal play, the number one rule is there is there is no such thing as too much lube especially when you are new to anal fun. Go slowly, use lots of lube, and keep it fun. If done slowly and correctly, anal is fun and pleasurable!

Pink Metal Bunny Tail Butt Plug Moodtime

Straight from anal to the bottom line

Any adult toy can be a couple’s sex toy, and a sex toy can definitely be a gift you give yourselves or your significant other for the holidays. It can be your sexy little secret. If people wonder why you seem so happy at the start of 2021, you will know it is because your sex life got so much better over the holidays.

Visit our Online Store now for a give that keeps giving!

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