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Some Basic Tips When Buying And Using Sex Toys

Updated: Jul 16, 2022

Sex Accessories: Tips when buying adult toys

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Using Adult Sex Toys during any sexual activity adds a whole another level of excitement, anticipation and pleasure to it. It improves your sexual drive and sexual desire, and also makes for an interesting experience with your partner. Even though millions of people use sex toys safely and effectively, there are certain small details one needs to remember. We will take a look at some of the general tips and techniques that will make your sex toy use much more safe, fun and interesting.

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For those of you that would rather dip your toe in the pool before diving in, you can read the sex toys product description online. You can also do some online searching on Google for Blogs that review sex toys. Or if you have any product questions just contact our Customer Support via WhatsApp and ask us any or your questions.

Know what you want your sex toy to do and research it thoroughly before purchasing it. Sex Toys do not fall in the category of haste shopping. You should properly understand it before buying it to avoid any disappointment, after all you want it to enhance your sexual experience.

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Check you or your partner’s allergies before purchasing sex toys. People are allergic to several materials – especially certain types of plastic or rubber, which are used extensively to make toys. Sex toys come in so many different materials from silicone, rubber, TPB, plastic, glass and metal to name a few.

Remember you are always welcome to Contact Us or use our Moodtime online Support if you have any product queries.

Tips When Using Male Sex Toys

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For men the most prominent sex toys are cock rings, anal dildos and Butt Plugs. Let’s take a look at some of the tips which you can use to improve playing with those:

Check the girth of Cock Rings before ordering one for yourself. Certain materials contract or expand after a certain period of time – especially plastic. Cock rings are supposed to fit you perfectly so check properly before use. You don’t want one that is too tight or too big.

Lubrication is the key for anal sex toys. For men, the prostate gland is extremely sensitive but it does not lubricate itself. For easy access and pleasure, be sure to Lubricate your toy very well. We recommend only using water based Personal Lubrication as this type is safe with all sex toys.

Tips When Using Female Sex Toys

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Women have a wide range of toys to choose from. There are vaginal toys as well as anal sex toys. Nipple clamps and pinwheels are also used for pleasure. So use these tips to improve your sex toy use:

Safety is very important for any kind of toy. Women are naturally more receptive to pleasure due to their widespread erogenous zones. So always be safe while using any toy.

Use anal sex toys with extra care – start slowly and Masturbate your partner’s vagina while inserting anal dildos or beads, be sure to use plenty of Lubrication. Even though vaginal toys do not require Lubrication if the women is aroused properly, it is always important to apply lubrication on anal toys.

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The Type of Pleasure You Seek

We strongly believe that sex is always much better when you take it less seriously, so be playfulness and into exploration and learning what your body enjoys. Our sexual tastes and preferences in life are shaped by our experiences so try new thing and seek out new knowledge in your sex life, this can only may it better!

Some prefer penetrative stimulation, then again other women can only orgasm from clitoral or external stimulation. Once you are aware of the sensations and stimulation that you prefer, you can look at the following types of adult toys:

If you are into internal or penetrative sexual stimulation then these Sex Toys are used for vaginal or anal penetration (or both) - Dildos, Rabbit Vibrators, G-spot vibrators, Anal beads and Butt plugs. For external stimulation why not try these toys - Vibrators, Clitoral stimulators or if you have a dick then you can try Fleshlights, Penis strokers, Pocket Pussies or Cock rings.

If you have a more wild side, think 50 Shades of Grey, then the world of Bondage & Discipline, Domination & Submission, Sadism & Masochism (BDSM) waits for you. The following are adult play toys that may fall into this category:

Impact Play - If you enjoy the feeling of being smacked on the butt, you’ll probably appreciate an impact play toy. They include tools like Floggers, Whips and Paddles.

Sensory Play - If you really think about it, we’re just a bunch of walking nerves connected to pain and pleasure points. So fun times don’t have to be limited to just the genitals. There are sex toys for the obvious erogenous body parts like Nipple clamps but you also have Metal Pinwheels, Feather Ticklers, Massage oils and Wax Play Sex Candles.

Restraints - Such as handcuffs and silk blindfolds are perfect introduction to sexy times. There are however other forms of restraints like ball gags, bed restraints and rope play also fall into this category. There is also Chastity cages which is very popular at the moment. Don’t feel guilty about adding to your box of adult tricks collection. There are so many variations of pleasure and sensations so feel free to try out different categories.

These tips and techniques are nothing new, nor are they special. However one should always remember them in order to improve your experience with Sex Toys in bed.

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