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Lockdown Sex - Great Way to Pass the Time

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

State-enforced intimacy everyone!

moodtime lockdown sex socks and underwear

For anyone in a relationship, South Africa's coronavirus lockdown means more quality time with the significant other we hope. This state-enforced intimacy has probably led to a range of things — some good, some bad—but sex is surely one of the better by-products of the situation. Because if you’re around each other more and feeling bored more often, sex is a great way to pass the time, I mean Netflix can only go so far.

As we hunker down in our homes for the next few weeks, families, flatmates & couples all over the nation are finding ways to pass away the hours indoors, without the usual distractions of work, socialising, travel which now feels like a distant memory.

For couples, one thing that may well be continuing during lockdown is sex. In fact, if historical events are an indicator, there is probably more of it happening now in existing relationships than might be the norm.

So we wanted to know if the nation's couples are really shagging more, so we asked around. And the answer definitely seems to be: YES

moodtime couple having sex

Most large global disasters in the past have led to mini "baby booms", with spikes in birth rates occurring nine months after major hurricanes, earthquakes and the likes. We suspect this results from not only the increased time that couples have to spend together when they are not going out to work, but also from the lack of access to usual family planning and health services as priorities during disasters are shifted elsewhere.

What is good to remember, if you are adding "sex" to your activity list during lockdown, is that it still needs to tick all the boxes it usually would – consensual and safe, both in terms of sexually-transmitted infection risk and also pregnancy, unless of course you are hoping to conceive and add to the post Covid-19 baby boom!

moodtime condom and lubrication selection

Feeling bored, why not brows our blog for other interesting articles or check out our adult humour page for some awesome naughty jokes.

Don’t forget to buy your MoodTime Sex Toys now; our online store is still open and taking orders! So get your adult toys reserved now before they are sold out. We will be able to start dispatching orders as soon as Lockdown is lifted.

Say home, stay safe and stay in the mood!

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