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Silicone Smoking Pipes & Accessories

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

The secret of silicone - not just for sex toys

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Silicone smoking pipes have become much more prevalent, and for very good reason. Silicone is a synthetic polymer material made by heating sand mixed with quartz to produce a stable polymer that is highly resistant to chemicals and heat. In recent years, the use of silicone in the kitchen has increased significantly because of its ability to withstand temperatures up to 270 degrees Celsius, without melting. Silicone is extremely durable and virtually unbreakable due to its pliability.

moodtime silicone smoking accessories

Silicone smoking pipes are fast becoming the preferred choice over glass smoking pipes. These unbreakable pipes offer the discerning toker / stoner a more durable and lasting option when choosing which pipe to purchase and use for your favourite strain of herb.

There really is no end to the creativity of those who wish to find new and more effective ways to smoke their weed. From ceramic to glass and now… silicone! If you haven’t seen one yet, let us introduce you to your new favourite leisure and outdoor herb smoking pipe, perfect for your 'medical marijuana' prescription.

Silicone Honeybee Weed Smoking Pipe moodTime

A silicone weed smoking pipe is not just for outdoors since it is virtually unbreakable, they are perfect for festivals, around the pool, fishing, hiking expeditions and travelling. They are also the perfect pipe to whip out at home when your clumsy stoner friends come over.

As with any type of pipe, there are many styles and colours to choose from. There are your basic one hit or one puff pipe to straight tube bongs, mini bongs, water bubblers that can be used with dry herb weed or as a dab rig for concentrates , and even hand pipes more suited for dry Mary Jane, some of which have a handy silicone cap on them that can be used to store a fresh or partly smoked bowl saving the freshness and taste of your favourite weed strain.

And guess what? You even get some that glow in the dark! This is just another fun way to use these cool new smoking pipes. Speaking of fun, silicone isn’t just for pipes and sex toys. There are also silicone concentrate containers, hygienic filter tip mouthpieces - you wont get saliva on your zol, grinders and even rolling trays.

Silicone Ice Cream Weed Smoking Pipe

Now what about the price? Almost as exciting as the pipe itself is how cost effective these bongs and dab rigs are. You’re getting the quality of a pipe that is normally two or three times more expensive, leaving you some extra cash to splash on your favourite Mary Jane, along with what can only be described as priceless versatility.

We’ve got silicone smoking pipes in all sorts of styles from spoon pipes; complete with a poker, a stash container lid, and a platinum cured silicone body with an inlaid borosilicate bowl, to full-on rigs, and every accessory you may desire to maximize your smoking experience.

Silicone Rocket Manual Weed grinder moodTime

Your can enjoy savouring your favourite herb in these modern and funky coloured pipes, bubblers and accessories to match.

Check out this selection of quality unbreakable silicone pipes for sale in our online store to see which styles and colours would be best for you.

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