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Top Cannabis Smoking Accessories for Joint Lovers

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Essential smoking accessories for the weed connoisseur

So after the very hectic year we have all had we are sure everyone just wants a chilled and relaxed 2021. Bongs and pipes are great, but can be a hassle to clean and spilled bong water can leave a nasty stain especially on the carpet or your bedding! Do you want to smoke your dagga (ok not everyone's favourite word for their herb) or cannabis if you are a weed connoisseur with little hassle then the OG joint still goes down a treat.

So what essential weed smoking accessories do we recommend to keep you chilled, in the mood and relaxed.

A Weed Grinder - We Want It Freshly Chopped!

Do you want your herb extra fresh? Then a weed grinder is a must have for every toker. We have a range of good quality metal zinc alloy, silicone and plastic grinders. Some of them come with multiple pieces including mesh screens to sift pollen from your weed, scrapers to use for the catch tray so not a speck of precious weed is wasted. They all come with sharp teeth to grind your cannabis with ease.

Rolling Papers - DIY Joint, Blunt & Spliffs

This is the most important thing when considering your next smoking sesh. If there is a big group, you can always keep things fresh and favourable with a selection of flavoured papers such as grape, chocolate, mango papers just to name a few. These papers add an awesome sweet taste on your tongue as you smoke. For the cannabis purists there is 100% pure hemp as well as unbleached papers with all natural gums so the choice is yours.

A Joint Roller - Come On High-Rollers

Some people are not the best at rolling multiple joints for a smoking sesh, so a handy roller can come in useful. They are relatively cheap and easy to use with the smaller roller perfect for a one person joint or the king size for multiple smokers. We have a good selection of rollers in metal, plastic and acrylic. These weed rolling machines are capable of rolling perfect 1 ¼ and king size blunts and cones, the choice is yours.

A Rolling Tray - We Don't Approve Spillage

Easy for on the lap use, the joint rolling tray have a large surface area with a lip so it helps keep any spillage contained. You will not loose any of your precious cannabis and they are also very useful when grinding as you can easily separate the seeds and stalks from your herb. They come in a variety of sizes and colours in both pressed tin and silicone trays.

The Doob Tube or Joint Holder - Lock Down Your Doobie

A joint holder is a practical tool for the stoner on the go, let’s face it, weed has a distinct odour and paper is fragile which can easily become wet or even absorb odours from other items. A doob tube can be a stylish accessory for keeping your perfectly rolled joint pristine, perfect for ganja on the go. We have a selection of doob tubes, joint holders and stash containers available, these are airtight and some are even child proof.

Glass and Silicone Filter Tips - We Said Tips Not Nips

In this day and age we don’t advise multiple sharing of joints so a hygienic and reusable filter tip can be popped on the end of the joint. So don't give up your tradition of puff and pass, these filter tips are perfect when it is your turn to toke. And let’s face it we all have that friend that gets the joint soggy so these filter tips will prevent this. These are a great way to keep the paper dry and stop your spliff from falling apart. We have both glass and silicone filter tips available, some with colourful designs and print, with others with special crystal chips to cool the smoke slightly offering a more pleasurable smoking experience.

Incense - Mask Your Zol Smell

Incense is a very useful tool to keep those nosey neighbours at bay, while masking your cannabis smells. Incense can also be used to meditate and relax after your smoking session. We recommend natural scents, so we have tested many incenses during our smoking sessions and have the best selection on offer. Our Incenses are all sourced from India with more natural scents to liven up your smoking time, so get in the mood we say!.

Weed Leaf Funky Socks

Weed socks for ladies and men! Herb, Cannabis, Dagga, Weed, Marijuana or Mary Jane... call it what you like you can now wear it on your feet. The dagga leaf repeat design on a plain background and is always eye catching. We have the standard socks and secret socks design available.

These colour socks are 90% Cotton and 10% Spandex to ensure they are soft and stay in place. They are great for keeping the your feet warm. Look the part and be a real fashionable weed connoisseur when you are having your next smoking session.

Shopping for smoking and weed paraphernalia is an exciting, fun experience! We offer the best essential range of smoking accessories online in South Africa! Enjoy your adult shopping experience – where you will find the best adult toys and smoking accessories that we know you will love...

Get In The Mood....

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