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The New Best Thing, CBD Infused Lube

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

Cannabis Lube heightens sensation and increases stimulation

sensual cannabis lube

Cannabinoids (CBD) is found in the cannabis plant. CBD is not the compound that has the psychoactive effect that makes you high, that is the THC compound. Products sold labelled as CBD do not contain the THC compound.

Although CBD can and does deliver a cannabis experience without a high, CBD is mainly used for its medical and healing properties and is now gaining ground especially when it comes to creating pleasure in the bedroom.

Personal lube is a must

Personal lubrication is a must in the bedroom as it enhances sexual pleasure and satisfaction. Lube provides a reduction in friction thereby enhancing feelings and pleasure. Lube should always be added as an essential on your shopping list.

cartoon cannabis leaf

Personal lube infused with CBD

This type of lube is blissfully sensual and is infused with CBD oil, derived from Hemp plant, which is a member of the Cannabis Sativa Plant Genus – rich in fatty acids and known for its natural moisturising properties. The CBD brings to the lube relaxation, heightened pleasure and a boost of genuine sexual wellness that lasts a lot longer than just a single sexy session.

Choosing the correct type lube to get the job done

Water based lube – readily available, sex toy compatible and condom safe but it does require repeated applications as being water based can dry quicker, this type also does not leave any residue.

Silicone based lube – more expensive, the main disadvantage is that it is not compatible with silicone or jelly toys, but great to use with metal and glass toys. This lube lasts the longest, can be used in water.

Oil based (avoid petroleum based) – not latex compatible, last longer than water based, typically natural and/or organic, can be de-hydrating; we don’t really like this type.

Dr Long CBD infused personal lube

We have a variety of lubes to choose from and if you are looking for a CBD Lube we have the product you need. Our Cannabis Lube is combined with a secret aphrodisiac CBD blend, Dr Long’s Cannabis Lube heightens tactile sensation and assists in increased stimulation. When applied it has a mild warming effect that helps alleviate tension resulting in increased pleasure.

Visit our Online Store and get in the mood

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