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What are the Benefits of using Sex Pillows?

How Sex Pillows can turn awkward sex into Amazing Sex

BDSM Sex Pillows Moodtime

When one is thinking about Sex Toys or sex accessories you normally think of dildos or vibrators but one underrated item that can be very useful is a sex pillow. They are amazing for lessening pain, improving pleasure and accommodating a wide range of sexual positions. Sex pillows aren’t just for laying on! They come in such a variety of shapes so you can position them in different ways. The main feature of all sex pillows is they are intended to assist positioning and promote comfort.

They usually come in cubes, cylinders, wedges and bolsters, they can be great to lean during rear-entry and are great for elevating the hips and supporting the back. They can support various positions and some also often have bondage rings built in or special pockets to help position Sex Toys for easier use. Even though sex pillows and sex wedges just kind of sit there, not vibrating or anything, they can make a huge difference in how sex feels.

Benefits of using Sex Pillows Moodtime

Explore new sexual positions by using your sex pillow to get body parts in exactly the perfect spots, you can get your ass in positions that normally wouldn't be happening, and you can discover all kind of enchanting new angles.

If you are worried about having a big old sex pillow sitting there on your bed, you don’ our sex pillows are all inflatable so when you are done or want to hide them away simple open the valve and let the air out, after which you can store them under your mattress. Our Sex Pillows are actually made from the exact same material as those inflatable mattresses.

Sex Pillows Moodtime

As we said above the main benefits of using a Sex Pillow is getting body parts where they need to go. Get the perfect angles for oral sex feel or to make it easier for the person giving the oral sex. Simply place the sex pillows on every point of your body that needs support this way you can completely relax and enjoy the intimacy.

Each sex pillow is shaped using precise angles that angle and supports your body for maximum comfort while giving your spouse a blowjob, and maximum stimulation and support during intercourse. Our Sex Pillows are manufactured from durable, long lasting materials and and high-quality and water-resistant.

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