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MoodTime does accommodate customers who need a dropshipping services on a wide range of quality Intimate Toys in South Africa.


How does dropshipping work?

  • Dropshipping setup is where you would sell to your customer, at your own price. You would then capture the order on our website and we would then fulfil the order and ship it to your customer, you would use your email address as all correspondence would be sent via email which you then forward on to your customer, there is no sender details on the parcel and no invoice included in the parcel so it is 100% discreet blind shipping.

  • After a month dropshipping with us we will review and may offer an additional 10% flat discount on all orders through the use of a discount code.

  • Shipping is also a fixed R99 anywhere in SA and includes free insurance up to R 1,000.

  • The advantage of dropshipping is that you don't need to keep any stock and have no risk regarding products that don't sell as well as not having any shipping worries as we handle all that, find more information on our Forum.


95% of our products are in stock. On our Website your will see on each product a banner which indicates if it is in stock or on order (catalogue) but all are available to order, catalogue items need a longer processing time before shipping. Please ensure that you have read our Shipping Guide.

There is no registration requirement, you may use us at anytime to dropship for you just be sure to always use your email address since all correspondence, tracking details and order details will be sent to you via email. 

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