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Best Male Masturbation Tips To Give A Go

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Achieve maximum pleasure and more powerful ejaculations

Achieve maximum pleasure and more powerful ejaculations

The act of masturbation is very common, around 90% (if not more) of males masturbate. As teenagers, whenever guys got a boner more than often would scurry to the nearest toilet or private room and jerk off. Back then guys wanted to ejaculate in the shortest time possible so masturbation was always a race against time. Fast forward a few years to adulthood. We now live in our own place which gives the freedom to indulge in the act anytime at our own pace. We have also discovered the technique of not rushing the strokes and not to masturbate as if we are trying to yank off Mr Mini, because of this masturbation now offers more pleasurable.

There is so many relationship and sex tips available out there but when it comes to masturbation tips – especially if you have got a dick there is not much available. The assumption is that everyone with a dick masturbates in roughly the same way. Up, down, up, down …. and continue until you are done. Guys, there are plenty of things you can add to your solo pleasure sessions if you want to experiment with something different.

Here are some of the best masturbation tip and tricks you can use to heighten your pleasure.

male masturbation technique for men

Two handed masturbation technique

One of the more common masturbation tips, especially for well hung guys is to tackle the task with both hands. Most men masturbate with just one hand (or hands free – read on for a totally hands-free masturbation tip!). You can increase the pleasure and sensation with two hands, as long as you do not need a spare hand for browsing your favourite porn. Grab your favourite lube, and spread it liberally over yourself, silicone lube is normally good for this task as it is very long lasting and does not dry. Next grip both of your hands around your penis with fingers interlocked. The aim here is to get as much coverage as possible. Rather than a normal wank where you are using one hand on the most sensitive parts of your penis, this is designed to slow you down and give you a more intense sensation right from the head to the bottom of your cock.

Palming the head technique

While you have got both hands lubed up, you might also like to try palming the head of your penis. With one hand stroking the shaft, use the other hand to rub gently around the head. Essentially you are making a small, almost flat cup with your palm and then moving it in delicate circles so it stimulates as much of the head as possible. For some people, the head of their penis will be much too sensitive to do this, so do not worry if this one does not work for you! This technique can also be used by your partner on you.

Two handed male masturbation technique

Kneeling masturbation tips (and other wank positions)

The next male masturbation tip we can suggest is kneeling masturbation. A number of men say that kneeling during masturbation can give a more intense orgasm. For some it’s about the angle and for others it because tensing your thigh and Kegel muscles helps to focus. And for others it’s because when you’re kneeling you can use your heels to spread your arse cheeks. Whatever the reason, switching up positions can give you a different sensation and perspective. If you are mostly used to sitting at your desk, or lying in bed, then standing up in the shower or kneeling on the floor presents a new masturbation challenge. Best of all this is a unique masturbation tip that doesn’t involve some complex new hand technique.

Stop Go, Stop Go Stop Go ….. Masturbation edging

Forget about those five minute masturbation sessions. If you want to achieve maximum pleasure as well as more powerful ejaculations, this cum control technique is your answer. Often this technique is called edging, because the trick here is to masturbate until you are at the edge of orgasm then stop. This may sound cruel and torturous, but the goal here is to keep yourself from ejaculating. Stroke your shaft to a rhythm, set yourself up for an orgasm and just as you are about to shoot your load, stop. Keep your hands away from your dick for a few minutes, and allow your throbbing hard penis to revert to its limp state. Repeat this pattern of stroking your penis and stopping just before you are about to cum. Trust us, you will achieve an explosive ejaculation like never before. For the underachievers who have a problem with premature ejaculation, this is one great technique that will prolong your sex sessions!

Masturbate with your non-master hand

Go the easy way by using your non master hand the next time you wank. It feels different, as if someone else is handling your manhood. Besides, it is high time your non-master hand gets a serious workout and is not left out the fun all the time.

Male Nipple play during masturbation

Nipple play during masturbation

While nipple play is often a big part of partnered sex and foreplay it is rarely ever discussed as part of masturbation which is strange when you think about it. So many people enjoy this, as nipples are extra sensitive in men as well that leaving them out of masturbation tips is like forgetting to include lube in an article about sex toys. Pinching, squeezing and rubbing them with your spare hand while masturbating can seriously intensify the experience. If what you are after is a little more pain than pleasure, nipple clamps and nipple clips work just as well when you are alone as they do with a partner.

Include porn or new kinds of porn

While porn is amazing, for enhancing masturbation watching the same porn over and over again can sometimes make your solo sex life feel a little bit routine. Do you fire up the same websites each time and head to your favourite sex category? There is a whole world of porn out there, and exploring new genres is a great way to mix things up. Especially finding new performers whose work you like.

Block out your senses during masturbation

Block out your senses during masturbation

If you are feeling more imaginative with masturbation and want to try something new, how about switching off one of your senses? Try swapping from visual porn to audio only, like audio erotica. Or there is classic audio porn where you are listening to the sounds of people masturbating or having sex. Masturbate in complete darkness and in silence. Grab a blindfold, some lube and some decent noise cancelling headphones, and get busy in a dark room. Let your imagination then do the rest.

Hands free male masturbation tips

Hands free masturbation tips

There are plenty of ways to engage in a bit of hands free masturbation. Your favourite will depend on how active or experimental you want to be and also how sensitive your penis is. Some people can orgasm without any touch whatsoever (yes, really it is possible!). Although often it does involve small movements like twitching the penis so the head rubs gently against their stomach or thigh. By far the easiest way to do this is with a sex toy like a pulse stimulator or penis head vibrator, and for the more daring through prostate stimulation.

Sex toy male masturbators

Sex toy male masturbators

Sex toys for men have really come a long way since the early days. Adult toys are not just for the ladies anymore. Now more than ever there is an ever growing selection of male masturbators and sex toys for men to choose from. Often the question men ask is “Are they worth the cost and hassle when your hand and lube could do the same job?” Well, in short, the answer is a resounding YES! Men’s masturbators are designed to enhance masturbation and make it more fun and get you as close to the real thing as you are going to get.

Your hand game has served you well up until now but you need more excitement and more pleasure from your solo sessions. Quickly choking the chicken or rubbing one off need not be a dull activity anymore. Get yourself a realistic pussy or anal masturbator or fleshlight and you will have far more enjoyment and mind blowing sensations when using these masturbators. These sex toys are a single man’s saviour and are essentially hand held device the top of these sex toys are shaped to replicate a vagina or anus and are made of flesh like material. Sliding your erected penis into the opening also stimulates your nerves, and you will instantly feel as if you were engaged in sex.

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